Sunday, July 8, 2007

7/7-7/8 Through the Night into the Morning

It looks like the hamsters are following previous season's footsteps. They are going to bed later and later and getting up later and later. The last person to go to bed was as always Dick-going to bed a little after 7!

Carol continued to campaign last night while Amber still thinks she is staying. Carol talked to Zach who said he didn't know how he was voting. He said if she could get 3 votes he could probably pull 3 more. Carol said she had Joe, Jen and Eric.

The alliance speculation continues. Joe said Kail, Mike and Jen have an alliance and they are trying to get Eric. Dustin thinks Joe and Nick are tight but Dick isn't buying it. Dustin says Nick is working all the girls and even Joe. Dustin and Amber believe Mike and Kail have a secret alliance. They call it the "Mrs. Robinson" Alliance.

Nick is way into Daniele. However I don't think Daniele is as much into him. Nick told Dick(ha-ha) that you can't find many people that are good looking and have a good head of their shoulders. Dick says he love Daniele to death.

Eric continues to blow up. He seems to have the short fuse this year. He said people don't want to mess with him. He will explode on them. He says they haven't seen what he is capable of. Daniele said he blew up on her 2 times today. Amber comments that she hasn't seen anything and wonders where she’s been during everything.

Like always Dick was the last one up. He continued to talk to the cameras. He said he has a 'date' with Mrs. Robinson tomorrow (Kail). He was in the bathroom for quite a long while until he came out saying that he had just S*** a twin. Dick golfs, smokes and decorates the plants before going to bed.

The first one up was Kail-nothing new. She read her bible and then went downstairs to make coffee. Dustin is now up and is talking with Kail, nothing serious. Carol is up in the bathroom putting on make up. I dont believe anything is going on today.

Expect a slow day with Houseguests waking up really late.

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