Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday- 7/10/07

Amber is telling Danielle that the vote will be 6-5 for Carol to go. Nick and the girls now think that Carol is nuts, Amber also complains that Carol doesn’t do housework(WOW, who knew this game turned into who wants to be a desperate housewife?)

As all this talk continues, Carol is still campaigning for votes, she’s been working on getting a vote from Mike. Carol says she has votes from Jen, Jessica, Joe, Zach, and Eric to stay, Mike told her as of now he would also vote for Carol to stay. Mike appears to be the swing vote.

Dani and Dick start a father/daughter chat in the round bedroom, Dani asks Dick who he thinks are together, Dick says Kail, Mike and Jenn, and Dani agrees(Did I miss something? Lol) Dani begins to see Kail as a threat because she can’t read her. She tells Dick that if Jenn won HOH she would go up because Jenn hates her, she believes Mike would too. Dustin apparently saw them together so they started argueing about Vicent’s(the brother/son) Birthday coming up.

It seems as if voting changes every hour, but it will definitely be close. We will update you more later.

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