Monday, July 9, 2007

7/9- Live Feeds Updates-Into the morning through the afternoon

Sorry for such a late update. I have been busy all day and haven't had much time to get to feed updates. While I am on the subject, if anyone has feeds and is willing to help with the blog please leave a comment. You can get a free 14 Day trial to watch the feeds. I might be able to hook someone up with feeds if necessary

Kail and Jen were as always the first people up. Zach, Nick, Dustin, Carol and Daniele follow them in waking up. They were on indoor lockdown for awhile but it wasn't for anything important.

It seems Kail was chosen for Eric's task. He tells her some story about a girlfriend in high school with an eating disorder trying to compare her to Daniele.

Jameka thinks people will throw the HoH competition. She thinks people don't want power do to the pressure and it being only the second week. People don't want enemies so early in the game.

The houseguests aren't doing much today. They are just spread out around the house chatting. Amber straightened her hair and told BB to make sure she didn't have to get wet in the Food competition because it took forever to get it straight. A lot of houseguests have been out in the sun getting a tan. Amber and Dustin are talking strategy in the backyard-it's hard to hear or I would tell you what they are saying. And of course Mike is no where to be seen.

It is predicted that a food competition will occur today. I will post later with updates!

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