Sunday, July 8, 2007

7/7 Live Feeds- 4:00PM-10:00PM

After little strategizing yesterday, It seems the houseguests are starting to form alliances right and left. Carol is mad because Eric and Jessica are campaigning for her to go when Amber is using her family(her daughter) to get votes. Amber says she isn't trying to get sympathy votes but should stay because she wants to stay unlike Carol.

On a funny note, Eric compliments Jen(AHHHHHH) on wearing clothing all day! Unlike other days when all she wears are the tiny bikini's. Jens still being Jen. Using the word "like" EVERY other word. Its annoying's kind of like Julie Chen's- "But First"

Eric thinks he, Kail, Zach, Jameka, and Dick will be the Final 5. Joe told Jessica he almost wants to vote out Amber because she is so close to Amber. However, he then confirms he will keep Amber and if he wins HoH he will nominate Jen and Dustin......YAY!

Amber continues to campaign from all angles. She says her and Nick met months ago at auditions. Also, she said she is going to flirt with Mike and try and get his vote. It still looks like Amber is staying however with 5 days until eviction-anything can change

This batch of houseguests seem to believe in dates in the BB House. Mike is going on his second date, this time with Amber. Dustin and Nick have a yoga date tonight. Im still trying to figure out if Nick is gay, straight or bi. My guess he is curious but who knows. Will we see our first gay relationship in the house?

Zach and Kail talked for awhile in the HoH Room. They think Amber is more of a threat then Carol and perhaps the should evict her. Kail says next week they need to go after the Twist 6. They aren't sure who to target first but believe EvelDick should go before Daniele. They are going to try to sway people like Jen and Daniele their way.

Right now some houseguests are sitting around outside chit chatting nothing gamewise. It still seems Carol will go, but as Ive said before things can change on a dime and frankly I things might change in the next few weeks.

Show tomorrow at 8pm!

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