Saturday, July 7, 2007

7/7 Live Feeds: 1:00-4:00 PM

For the most part, today was a snore. A lot of sunbathing and resting throughout the day, so I'm hoping something interesting happens tonight. The good news is the feeds aren't showing too much of Eric or Jen. Yay! Here's what's happened so far today.

Carol wants to cover all the cameras. God, will she ever shut up? It seems like the only time she talks is when she is complaining about the cameras. She talks to Jameka about religion and other stuff. They both think Daniele won't use the PoV. They also think the vote is a split decision. They are wrong - Amber clearly has the votes to stay.

A plane overhead started writing the HG a message, so of course BB ordered them inside. They used to be so lenient with that in the earlier seasons. They let them back out after some time. Carol complained some more about ther Chiefs (she cheerleads for them) not being able to bring her back since she had to quit. Waah.

Amber and Carol discussed the vote, and they both agreed it would be a 6-5 vote. After Carol leaves, Amber starts freaking out because some of the people Carol said she had Amber also thinks she had. She is sure she has the six votes she needs, but she is till very nervous about it. Carol also talked about why her and Jessica aren't friends anymore. Carol really didn't like Jessica's family which continued the separation of them.

Dick is worried about Daniele's weight. Dustin says that the slop has really gotten to her. Apparently, she hasn't eaten since she was put on slop with the exception of the pizza yesterday. Dustin said he also had some eating issues and that he used to weigh 180. He now weighs 155. Meanwhile, Daniele and Nick planned their "wedding." They spent most of the afternoon doing this. I'm having trouble staying awake.

Carol spent the rest of the afternoon predicting how the game was going to go. Eric thinks it's too early to predict. Carol can't believe she will probably be evicted. How so? Carol didn't start campaigning to stay until yesterday! Amber has been trying for days now. So much for Amber and Carol being close. Her and Jessica trashed Carol in the pool for quite some time. I enjoyed that. Jessica asked Joe if it was possible to tan underwater. Joe said yes, so Jessica wondered why all fish weren't tanned. Oh please.

Jen just came on the feeds. Great. I'll have more later.


jenlyn122 said...

Thank you for the posts. I really enjoy them. How do you have the time to watch everything? Thanks again!!

BBVIII said...

I watch the feeds as much as possible, then get updated from other feed watchers about what I missed.