Friday, July 6, 2007

7/6 Live Feeds: 10:00 AM-7:00 PM

Well aside from the trivia, the feeds weren't all that bad today. Like I said, Daniele did win the PoV in a competition that invovled each HG hiding a veto symbol. Each HG then tried to find a veto symbol. The last veto symbol left standing would win the Power of Veto, which happened to be Daniele. Here's the other info from today.

Dick has been avidly trying to keep Daniele off of everyone's mind. He seems to want her in there as long as possible so they can patch up their relationship. Amber talked to Daniele about it, and she wants no part of her father. She says he's more of a friend than a father figure, and nothing will change that. She tells Amber not to tell anyone that Dick is trying to keep her. Amber agrees and wants to stay close with her.

Amber talked to Nick before the PoV competition, and she told him that Jen makes her nervous, since she is hanging around all the guys. Nick tells her not to worry, and nothing Jen says can change the way he plays this game. Everyone keeps telling Amber that she has the votes to stay this week. I agree with them. Amber plans on keeping everyone that votes to keep her safe in the future.

Like I said earlier, the feeds were blocked for nearly five hours for the PoV competition. During that time, the HG not playing were locked in the HoH room. Some slept while the others played games to pass the time. The feeds returned to everyone eating pizza outside. The house is a complete mess from the competition, and the HG are not looking forward to cleaning the mess up for the rest of the night. BB just let the HG back in.

Other tidbits from the outdoor lockdown: Carol refuses to campaign for her to stay, but Dick thinks that is a stupid idea. I do too, considering her chances are slim already. Since Daniele is on slop, she has refused to eat for the past few days. The HG told her to eat a lot of pizza, and she has been.

The HG are now back inside the house, and they are beginning their clean up. At this point, it seems very likely that Carol will be evicted this week. However, we are still six days away from the eviction. Who knows what could change?

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