Saturday, July 7, 2007

7/6 Live Feeds: 7:00-11:00 PM

Well, after the ever-so-fun clean-up, the HouseGuests finally got down to business, and some things started happening. Here's the lowdown from the evening.

The HG cleaned up the house for about an hour. I was surprised at how fast they got it done. The house was TRASHED. Dishes were everywhere in the kitchen. Clothes were EVERYWHERE. It looked like a tornado had swept through the house. But they got everything back in order pretty quickly. Props to them.

Carol cried. She feels that this is the first time where she has failed at something (winning PoV). Zach comforts her. Jen comes over and tells her to stop crying because people who cry get booted. Carol tells her that she isn't in her situation, so she has no idea. Jen storms off. Everyone seems to hate her. She's rude to everyone and doesn't hold anything back. I would love to see her gone next week.

Carol and Joe talk about the vote, and Joe says Amber has got the votes to stay. Carol knows, which is why they have to sway some of her people. Carol thinks she can get Daniele and Jen for sure, while the other guys are on the fence. Joe said he would vote for her even if everyone else was voting against her. Carol plans on getting Mike, Nick, and Zach, which would get her the six she needs. Things don't look good for her.

BB told the HG that the ones on slop must stay on slop, even though they were given pizza earlier. Joe confesses that he had some pineapple earlier. I think the ones on slop are Carol, Daniele, Eric, Jessica, Jameka, Joe, and Zach. BB was on a roll, yelling at the HG for having the slip 'n slide near the pool and for singing constantly. Carol is the worst offender of the singing this year. It seems waves cut in every few minutes because of her. Hopefully that will change after Thursday.

Mike and Jen had a date, much to everyone's dismay. Jen rambled during the entire event, talking about God knows what. Even Mike was clueless when she talked. They need to get rid of her before I get an even bigger headache. Meanwhile, Kail congratulated Daniele quite a bit, probably to make sure she would keep the nominations the same. Daniele told her that was her plan, and she had no intention of using the PoV. Kail agreed with her.

Carol went nuts. She talks with Dustin and is more depressed than ever. She then notices that ALL the cameras were on her and adjusted to her every move. She paraded around the house, and everyone pretty much ignored her. She's either deeply depressed or absolutely crazy! Her and Jen are really starting to get on my nerves.

Kail and friends badmouthed Jen in the HoH room. Yes! Apparently, Jen got into a stand-off with Dick during the HoH lockup, telling him to stay away from her because she hates smokers. They also feel bad for him because Daniele isn't giving him a chance to repair their relationship. They have witnessed Dick crying because of it. Me too - he cried most of last night while he was up by himself. He really wants her to do well in this game.

I believe everyone is still up, and it seems they might stay up longer than last night. I'm heading to bed, but I'll have more in the morning!

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