Friday, July 6, 2007

7/6 Live Feeds: 8:00-10:00 AM

Ahhhhhh - the trivia has returned! Remember that awful repeating trivia BB gave us for EXTRA-LONG feed blocks? Well, it's back along with the LOUD BB theme music. Grr! I thought they would change that! I'm guessing the PoV competition is going on now, which is the reason for the trivia. A little talk went on before the block. Here's what I picked up.

BB woke the HG up at around 8:30 AM, a bit earlier than last year. Jen and Kail were the only two up before then. Dustin and Jen talked for a little bit, and Jen thinks one of the first four evicted HouseGuests will return like in BB6. Dustin thinks people are taking the game too seriously too early. I don't mind the early game talk! Dick assured Amber that Carol would be going if PoV is not used. Carol is nervous about the competition.

Other than that, hardly anything has happened this morning. Expect the feeds to be blocked for the next few hours. I'll have the PoV winner up as soon as I know.

UPDATE (11:30 AM): The feeds returned, and PoV has not been played yet. Amber, Carol, Daniele, Jameka, Kail, and Nick are all playing for PoV.

UPDATE (2:30 PM): It has been almost three hours of trivia, and the feeds still have not returned. Sigh.

UPDATE (4:30 PM): Okay, the feeds have returned after nearly FIVE HOURS of trivia. Some of the HG are in the HoH room talking. I should know the PoV winner shortly.

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