Saturday, July 7, 2007

7/7 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Even though BB woke the HG up earlier than usual today, hardly anything has happened. The HG complained a lot about the early rise, so apparently BB just started waking them up early. I'm guessing it's because us feeders get restless with their sleeping in, especially here on the east coast. Other than that, there's been a lot of sunbathing and general chit-chat, but game talk is rare. Here's the little news from this morning.

I'm really getting sick of Carol. She continued to complain about the cameras, proclaiming they are ALL on her. For some reason, I doubt that. She complained about Amber and Dick's snoring, saying that the snorers should sleep separate from everyone else. She went on about how her dad basically gives her whatever she wants. She's never worked, then she complains about how her cheer squad won't let her back on the team. She had to quit because of BB. Okay, enough about her.

Apparently, Eric and Joe had a confrontation last night because Joe's squealing woke Eric up. Eric had a brief spazz attack, complete with multiple explicitives. Eric appologized about his behavior this morning, and Joe said it was no big deal. Meanwhile, Mike told Kail that Daniele is not planning on using the PoV. Kail thinks it would be shocking if she did. Daniele told Mike that she has no idea what to say for the PoV ceremony and that the DR will have to coach her for an hour. Great, a long-ass feed block for the PoV ceremony, which is usually only supposed to be 30 minutes.

A LOT of small talk this morning. Jameka and Nick talked about their childhood. Jen talked with Kail about parenting, and Kail says her husband deals with them mostly now since her kids are teenagers. Carol complained some more, but nobody really cares anymore about her thankfully. The HG are mainly around the pool now, still just general small talk. As for the game, it is very likely Carol will be evicted. Most of the HG have already given Amber their vote because she has been campaigning ever since being nominated. Carol started too late, not doing anything until last night. As for next week, everyone seems to want Jen out, which I would LOVE.

That's pretty much it. Today looks to be a boring day. Great. The PoV ceremony is expected to be tomorrow. That will be the next big event it looks like.

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