Thursday, July 19, 2007

7/18-19 Live Feeds: 10:00 PM-7:00 AM

Another night of feeds! Last night was quite eventful, but will tonight follow the same pattern? It's less than 24 hours until voting time, but who will have the edge going into it? Here's the info from last night!

Nick lied to Joe, telling him that he would vote to evict Dick. Joe relayed this information on to Jen, who told Kail as well. Kail thinks that Nick was lying, and Jen thinks that Nick and Zach need to be out of the MRA. Since when was Jen in it? @@ Jen tries once again to talk to Zach, and she fails by using his chess analogy and doing it badly. Zach says that if he wins HoH, he would put up Daniele and Dick, but I think he was lying once more.

Amber, Eric, and Jameka talked about who got on their nerves the most in the house. They all agree on Jen, Joe, Kail, and Zach. Jameka also adds in Mike because he doesn't talk to anyone. Amber leaves, and it seems evident that Jameka has shifted her vote to Joe now because her and Eric both agree that Joe will be evicted this week. Eric reminds Jameka not to vote for Dick anyway because it wouldn't matter. They both agree that Daniele and Nick are a threat to watch out for. Jameka says the only people she trusts are Eric and Jessica because they aren't liars. Eric tells Jameka that Jen wants the floaters (Amber, Dustin, Eric, Jameka, and Jessica) out of the house as soon as possible.

Daniele and Nick did a LOT of flirting tonight, which gagged me to no other. Gamewise, Nick told Daniele that he is voting to evict Joe, even if it hurts him next week. Meanwhile, Dick and Dustin talked about quite a bit of stuff. Dick asks Dustin about the gonorrhea fiasco, and Dustin says that Joe did not get it from him because Dustin tested negative for it. They both agree that they are closest with Amber and Eric. They are worried about Zach playing both sides. Dick wants to nominate him and Kail next week. Not Jen?! Someone will, hopefully! Dick says that his situation with Daniele is very emotional and hard to deal with. They both are thrilled that Jen's plan this week to split up Daniele and Dick was foiled. They agree that Nick is potentially a great ally and that Mike may be homophobic (because of his disgust at Joe's flirting). Amber appears shortly and tells them that Jameka is on the fence again now. Oh geez.

Jen tells Dick that if he nominates her next to Kail, then she will fight for Kail to stay. Good - let's get your ass out the door! They basically argued with each other for the longest time about the decisions Jen made. Jen is replying with even stupider remarks just to get Dick fueling. Jen thinks that Daniele is stupid for flirting with Nick when she has a boyfriend. Dick defends her situation, saying that she has never been there before with someone. Jen is clueless! @@

So there you have it! Dick was once again the last one asleep at just before 6:00 AM. Today is of course the live show day, so expect plenty of primping, cleaning, and feed blocks to accompany it. I'll have another update regarding the morning activities, if there even is any.