Friday, July 20, 2007

7/19 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-11:00 PM

Sorry about not doing an update last night. I fell asleep fairly early, so the latest info will be split into two posts. The first update will come now, and I will have another update soon regarding the late-night activities. Please bear with me! Here's the info from yesterday evening.

When the feeds returned, Amber and Daniele were seen celebrating Dick's HoH win. Dick thanked everyone in the house for keeping him this week. Dick tells Jen that this week will be very interesting. They both agree that Kail is in the worst spot this week. Jameka tells Nick that she voted for Dick to stay because Joe pressured her too much for his vote. Dick tells Kail that if she hadn't targeted him last week, she wouldn't be the one nervous this week. Amber tells Kail that if this is her last week, she wants it to be a good one for her. Jen is still wearing her leotard. @@

Dick is ecstatic that he won HoH; he mentions wanting to do cartwheels naked and jerking off in the HoH room. Nick and Zach both think Kail is regretting her moves from last week. Daniele says that the MRA will fall apart this week. Jen says that Dick told her last week that if he won HoH this week, he would nominate Kail and Mike and not her. She doesn't believe him though. I don't either! Kail thinks that her and Mike need to inform Dick that Nick was in the MRA too. They want to make him the target this week, since he really isn't with them. When asked about not voting Dick out, Mike said that he decided this morning and forgot to tell her. He blames Nick and Zach for not telling her. @@ Dick gets his HoH room, and it turns out to be the same room after all. Everyone goes to see it except Jen and Kail. Dick informs everyone else that he is nominating Jen and Kail and that he wants Kail voted out.

Mike knows that he will probably go up if PoV is used so he tries to socialize with everyone more. @@ The food arrives for the usual after-HoH feast, and everyone digs in. They discuss the upcoming food competition and agree that they should go after meats first if it's a competition like that. We are also informed that tomorrow (Friday) is Jameka's birthday. Dick thanks everyone for their congratulations. After dinner, Nick tells Dick that he would never be dishonest to Daniele and that he would lose the game for her. @@ Dick says that if they cannot get Kail out this week, that Jen must go. Nick agrees. Meanwhile, Kail is obsessing as usual. She asks Daniele who Dick is planning on putting up, which Daniele doesn't give her an answer. Kail thinks it will be her and Mike because Dick told Jen that she is safe this week. Kail will try to convince Dick that Nick and Zach are alligned and that he needs to watch out for them. Kail tries to use this information to win Amber and Dustin, but it doesn't seem to work. Dustin thinks she shouldn't have campaigned against Dick last week. Amber is proud that Nick turned on the MRA and plans on telling him about Kail's turning on him. Kail and Mike are very nervous now.

Amber tells Nick about Kail, and he laughs about it. He says that he has already told several people about the MRA and is sure the whole house knows it by now, which is why he doesn't want it to exist anymore. Nick says the reason he left the MRA was because they were going to target Daniele. Nick says that if he goes this week, he doesn't care and that he will willingly go before Amber, Daniele, and Jameka. Amber tells Nick that she has been lying to Jen, saying that Daniele and Nick really aren't close. Nick tells her to keep it up.

Daniele has been eating all night - yay! Kail continues to save herself to Dustin, but it doesn't seem to be working. Dustin continues to tell her that none of this would have happened if she had not campaigned against Dick last week. Kail tries her story to Amber, and that really doesn't work either. Basically, Kail's screwed.

Like I said, expect another update a little later reagrding the late-night info. I will update again in the afternoon regarding the morning activities as well. This should work out anyway because of the food competition and nominations feed blocks that accompany Friday feeds. More later!


KY said...

If I was Dick I would put up Kail an Mike..because Mike almost got HOH..he seems very smart.Let him be the pawn to get Kail out..Save Jen for next week.

Anonymous said...

I agree...put a pawn up against Kail. If one of them are taken off the block at least they still have the option of getting Jen out of the house.

BBVIII said...

At this point, it looks like Dick will nominate Jen and Kail. Who knows what could happen as the day progresses though!

KY said...

Kail looks soo scared..HAHA I love it.Shes been working everyone this morning.
On a side note...I like Nick..but I think Dani is gonna get hurt in the end. This morning he flipped out on Dani because he thought she didn't trust him..Very strange that one is.