Sunday, July 15, 2007

7/15 Live Feeds 1:00PM - 6:00PM

Well all thats happened since 1:00PM has been the Strong Man Competition-Here are the results!

First off Players are Nick, Zach, Dustin and Mike

Round 1: Drunken Maiden- Contestants must run an obstacle course

Zagnus (Zack) -- 15 seconds (3pts)
Cragnus (Nick) -- 16 seconds (2pts)
Diagnus (Dustin) -- 16 seconds (2pts)
Magnus (Mike) -- 25 seconds (0pts)

Round 2: Boulder Roll- Somersault from one point to another

Heat 1: Cragnus (Nick) defeats Zagnus (Zack)
Heat 2: Magnus (Mike) defeats Diagnus (Dustin)

Bronze Final: Zagnus (Zack) defeats Diagnus (Dustin)
Gold Final: Cragnus (Nick) defeats Magnus (Mike)

Cragnus (Nick) -- 1st (3pts)
Magnus (Mike) -- 2nd (2pts)
Zagnus (Zack) -- 3rd (1pt)
Diagnus (Dustin) -- 4th (0pts)


Cragnus (Nick) 5pts
Zagnus (Zack) 4pts
Diagnus (Dustin) 2pts
Magnus (Mike) 2pts

Round 3: Hot Grass Dance

Cragnus (Nick) -- 1st (3pts)
Magnus (Mike) -- 2nd (2pts)
Diagnus (Dustin) -- 3rd (1pt)
Zagnus (Zack) -- 4th (0pts)


Cragnus (Nick) 8pts
Magnus (Mike) 4pts
Zagnus (Zack) 4pts
Diagnus (Dustin) 3pts

Round Four: Weight Retrieval: They must retrieve weights from deep end.

Cragnus (Nick) -- 1st (3pts)
Diagnus (Dustin) -- 2nd (2pts)

Magnus (Mike) -- 3rd (1pt)
Zagnus (Zack) -- 3rd (1pt)


Cragnus (Nick) 11pts
Magnus (Mike) 5pts
Zagnus (Zack) 5pts
Diagnus (Dustin) 5pts

Round 5: Obstacle Course

Magnus (Mike) -- 1st (3pts)
Zagnus (Zack) -- 2nd (2pts)
Diagnus (Dustin) -- 3rd (1pt)

Cragnus (Nick) -- 4th (0pts)


Cragnus (Nick) - 12
Magnus (Mike)- 8
Zagnus (Zack) - 7
Diagnus (Dustin) - 6

FINAL ROUND: Arm Wrestling between Nick and Mike

After some time they call it a tie and Nick and Mike share first place.

Final Results

4th place. Diagnus - 6
3rd place. Zagnus - 5
2nd place. Magnus - 8
1st place. Cragnus - 12

Magnus and Cragnus get the king piece of the chess board as their trophy. Zagnus gets the queen for 2nd, and Diagnus gets the rook for 3rd

Not much else. If i can find video of the events I will be sure to post it!


Anonymous said...

You said "first off players are Joe, etc..." Did you mean to say Dustin?

BBVIII said...

ty for the correction!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome for the correction! I love the blog-GREAT JOB!!!!

BBVIII said...

Thank You