Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Evening Feeds

Dustin is telling Kail that since Joe has been nominated he feels more comfortable in the house, Kail says that Joe has 3 votes against him(Amber, Dustin and herself).

Kail tells Zach that people are catching on about him being in the "Ms Robinson" alliance, but they think he is the fourth wheel. They continue and say they need to start talking to others to hide the alliance.

Eric was telling Jen that he thinks Dani and Jameka have a secret alliance because BB keeps telling them to put on there microphone at the same time. He thinks they are trying to have secret conversations.

Dick hears that Kail wants him gone, he tells her that she does not have the numbers to mess with him, and that he and some others have talked about going after her(good plan, directly tell her your strategy so she can use it against you @@)

It seems as if Kail and her boy toys cannot rally the votes yet, but we will see how the week turns out later. Good Night!

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