Friday, July 18, 2008

7/18 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

9:08 AM: BB wakes the HG up for the day.

10:38 AM: April, Keesha, and Michelle want to vote Steven out because of his bad attitude. April and Keesha cannot stand Jerry. Keesha doesn't want to live with him in the jury house.

10:42 AM: Jessie says that the house will still be able to evict Dan if Steven wins PoV. Jessie is nervous about Steven staying and winning HoH next week though.

10:59 AM: April and Libra think that they will be nominated if Angie wins HoH next week.

11:39 AM: Keesha thinks that if Steven wins PoV and doesn't use it to save himself, then the house will save him because of his bravery. @@ - Are you kidding me? Keesha then says that Michelle is a floater, which makes her a big threat. Keesha leaves, leaving April and Libra alone. April doesn't know if she can trust Keesha since she was throwing Michelle under the bus. April isn't sure if she can trust Ollie either. Michelle then enters, and April informs her about Keesha throwing her under the bus.

12:16 PM: Libra says that she was on "Wheel of Fortune" when she was in college.

12:24 PM: Steven warned Angie that she is making the house suspicious of her by hanging out with him.

12:27 PM: Jessie says that he will nominate Renny if someone is saved with the PoV.

12:37 PM: Michelle told Jessie that Keesha wants to keep Steven this week. Jessie is mad that Keesha is still hanging out with Steven. Michelle thinks that Keesha feels sorry for Steven.

12:41 PM: Steven doesn't understand why he is nominated. He voted Brian out last week, yet he still is nominated this week. Libra thinks that he is nominated because he was hanging out with Brian last week.

12:56 PM: The feeds have become blocked for the PoV competition.

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