Friday, July 18, 2008

7/18 Live Feeds: 1:00-8:00 PM

Michelle doesn't know if she should use PoV or not. She is weighing her options before deciding anything. Apparently, Keesha won a slop pass in the PoV competition. Libra got upset with Keesha because Libra thought Keesha told Steven that she was sorry that she didn't win PoV for him. Keesha instead said that she was sorry that Steven didn't win.

Steven is still confused as to why Jessie is after him this week. Jessie again tells him that he nominated him because he was with Brian and Dan last week. Keesha wants a female to win HoH next week and change things up in the house. April says that she has already lost weight while being in the house because she hasn't been drinking. Memphis told Angie that Dan will be evicted this week. He also wants Jerry and Renny gone soon because they are floaters.

April and Keesha are starting to drift from Libra because they realize that Libra is too vocal, and people have begun to believe that the three of them are aligned. Keesha thinks that Libra is even targeting her. April says that she isn't planning on taking Ollie to the finals anymore.

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