Monday, July 14, 2008

7/13 Live Feed Updates

And the feeds ARE UP!

9:00 PM - Live Feeds are on!

9:06 PM
- The houseguests are getting ready for dinner!

9:10 PM - The camera zooms in on the memory wall to reveal that Jerry has won the PoV.

9:19 PM - Some HG are in the backyard chit-chatting.

9:34 PM - Dan and Brian discuss votes in the backyard. They seemed to be worried that someone is wavering...not sure who.

9:41 PM - Dan wants everyone to know that he thinks this year's twist is that America is the 14th houseguest. Everyone minus Dan and Brian are talking in the Kitchen while preparing dinner. Brian and Dan think that Jerry is easily manipulated by the women in the house. It appears that Jerry decided to save Jessie with the PoV to backdoor Brian.

10:08 PM - Steven thinks that April, Libra, and Ollie think that they are in control of the house. Steven says that Memphis is mad at something, but Brian thinks that he should be happy since he went from being an enemy (because of winning the car) to one of the most liked in only a week. Brian thinks that he will be evicted this week, so he has been giving Steven tips, like to watch out for the alliance of Jessie and Memphis. It appears that Steven told everyone he was gay.

10:26 PM - The HG make fun of Renny. They make fun of her giving out weird shout-outs to places like Wal-Mart and Walgreen's.

10:36 PM - Dan told Jerry that he made a mistake by nominating Brian. Jerry was mad at Brian for not telling him about his alliance with Dan and Ollie.

10:44 PM - It appears that the slop-eaters are off slop beginning tonight. Brian, Keesha, and Libra have all lost quite a bit of weight while on slop. BB restocked the storage room, and the HG received alcohol as well. Libra notices that they have microwave popcorn but no microwave. Keesha was excited about all the candy they received.

10:49 PM - Libra demanded that the alcohol stay in the refrigerator until after midnight so everyone can partake in it, which annoyed Steven. Keesha agrees and doesn't like how Libra is running the house.

10:55 PM - Ollie claims that he doesn't know how to cook and has never prepared dinner for himself.

11:06 PM - Michelle claims that Jessie told her that she is threatening. Michelle told Angie that Renny has been annoying her.

11:11 PM - Jerry says that all the women in the house are hot. Libra told Keesha that she looks like Daniele (BB8).

11:18 PM - Memphis claims that the sun sweats when he looks at it because he is so hot. @@ Michelle thinks that she is hotter.

11:21 PM - Jerry told everyone that Brian tried to use the fact that he was in the military in order to earn Jerry's trust. Brian was in another room listening to the conversation and muttered that Jerry better watch himself if Brian stays. He also wanted Ollie to stop sucking up to Jerry.

11:40 PM - Keesha and Steven are annoyed by all the know-it-all's in the house, especially Jerry and Libra. Steven told Dan that when Jerry starts talking that he should just agree with him. Steven wonders how everyone found out he was gay. Keesha says that Libra told her, which surprised Steven since Libra told him that she wouldn't tell anyone about it.

11:53 PM - Keesha says that marriage scares her.

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