Thursday, July 17, 2008

7/16 Live Feed Updates

12:02 AM: Michelle says that April is very sorry about the fight with Keesha. April thinks that she might get kicked out of the house for it. Michelle thinks that she will be targeted if Brian stays this week. She is planning on laying low for a while.

12:11 AM: Keesha is very upset by the fight and doesn't want to talk to April for a while.

12:14 AM: Jerry thinks that Steven is playing everyone in the house. Jerry wants Steven out soon after Renny.

12:45 AM: April and Keesha finally make up after their fight. Everyone cheered.

12:49 AM: Angie wants Steven to win HoH so he can nominate April and Libra.

1:19 AM: Keesha tells Libra and Renny that they need to watch out for Michelle.

1:39 AM: Earlier, Ollie got upset with April for starting a fight for no apparent reason. After he learned the situation, he understands and apologized to April for doubting her. He encouraged her to win HoH this week. April says that she would nominate Angie if she wins it. Both want to win the competition.

1:59 AM: Jessie and Michelle agree that Angie, Dan, and Steven need to be the next three evicted.

2:07 AM: April tells Libra and Ollie that she is loyal to them in the game. April is worried about Keesha winning after their fight. Michelle joins them and says that Steven told her that he would nominate Jessie and Memphis if he wins HoH next week. April thinks that Renny would nominate her and Jessie if she won HoH next week.

3:38 AM: Jessie is the last one in bed for the night.

9:33 AM: BB wakes the HG up for the day.

10:29 AM: Jessie told Michelle that Steven needs to be evicted next week. The two "Jedi Drill" each other for the HoH competition tonight.

1:08 PM: Jessie complained about Brian and Dan not cleaning the house in preparation for tonight's live show. Ollie says that the two have accepted their fate and don't want to help out anymore.

1:54 PM: The pictures on the Memory Wall have changed to action shots of the HG competing.

2:27 PM: Trivia has returned to the feeds. They are blocked until after the live show.

8:47PM: Ollie tells Jessie to nominate Angie and Dan and then replace one of them with Steven. Steven would be the target.

9:00PM: Jessie says everyone wants Angie up but Jessie doesn't think she should be nominated. He wants Angie to come talk to him and offer him something.

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