Monday, August 25, 2008

8/25 Live Feeds: 12:30-8:00 PM

Dan and Memphis are seen here playing chess this evening.

Of course, Michelle and Ollie ranted and raved after Michelle's surprise nomination. Ollie went on about how Monica is probably fake and that Dan is aligned with everyone. @@ Dan can't believe that Ollie actually thought he would follow through with the poor deal he made. Ollie then tried to reveal the deal to Keesha and Memphis (thinking that they didn't know), but Keesha and Memphis told Ollie that they already knew about the deal.

Ollie continued to rant about how Dan "stole his manhood" and made a fool out of him in front of America. Michelle and Ollie think that Dan is a "plant" that BB put in the house because a real HG wouldn't lie as much as Dan has. @@

Ollie told Renny that he never wanted her nominated (apparently he said her name when Dan asked him who he wanted nominated at the PoV ceremony); Ollie only wanted Keesha nominated. He claims that he didn't even want Memphis nominated. Renny actually believed Ollie and confronted Dan about it. Dan was shocked that Renny would believe Ollie over him. Dan now thinks that Renny will align with Jerry and Ollie after Michelle's eviction.

Ollie threw yet another fit by knocking over objects in the house and even breaking one of the light poles in the backyard. Ollie told Michelle that her best chance for a vote this week is Memphis. Michelle told Memphis that she would do anything for his vote this week, and that if she stays and wins HoH next week, she will nominate two people that Memphis wants nominated, even Ollie.

Michelle and Ollie hope that the house will all vote to keep her and go against Dan this week. They tried to work Keesha for a vote, but she didn't seem to budge.


Anonymous said...

Ollie> What A Baby! He Is Just Mad Cuz He Can Not Play The Game. Dan Is Playing The Game!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dan!! I would have put Ollie but can't stand Michelle either. Bye Bye, Bitch!!!

Anonymous said...

Ollie should be punished for calling Memphis a faggot. Does he even know what it means? It's really offensive when people use terms like that as an insult.

Anonymous said...

Ollie is a potty mouth when he's angry! Now THAT's Christian... @@

I think it's funny that he told Dan that Dan was going to be the laughing stock of America. Ollie is as big a joke as Jerry. The worst thing that could happen is that Jerry or Ollie get HOH next on double eviction night. Dan won't stand a chance.

Oh, and what happened to Jerry's "no sour grapes"?