Tuesday, August 26, 2008

8/26 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Jerry or Memphis from eviction? Let's find out!

Ollie is thrilled that Dan has followed through with the deal so far. Memphis hates that Dan likes the deal he made with Ollie. Jerry is a fighter and will not give up, even though he is nominated. Dan is okay with nominating Memphis since it keeps their alliance hidden, but he knows that it is a risk.

Dan informed Memphis of the entire deal that he made with Ollie, which really upset Memphis. However, Dan does not plan on letting Ollie choose the replacement nominee if PoV is used, and Ollie is stupid for believing that he would have that kind of power. Memphis doesn't care how many times Dan tells him that he is safe because Dan doesn't have a vote this week.

Keesha doesn't think that Dan's plan is going to work. Dan told Keesha and Renny that Ollie wanted Michelle safe this week, so Keesha pointed out that Michelle and Ollie are obviously aligned. Dan told them that he will nominate Michelle if PoV is used because he isn't going to nominate Keesha or Renny. Ollie informed Michelle and Jerry that he gets to choose the replacement nominee if PoV is used. Jerry doesn't think that Ollie made a good deal because Dan has already turned on him once, so he might do it again.

BB informed the HG about America choosing one of the HG to receive a phone call from home. Keesha hopes that she can talk to her parents. Michelle got emotional at the thought of possibly receiving a phone call from her mother. She claims that she is the loneliest HG in the house, so she probably deserves the call the most. Even Jerry got emotional, and he hopes that he can hear from his wife that she is okay. The phone rang, and the call was for Jerry! He talked with his great-grandson and wife. Michelle was upset that she didn't receive the call. Jerry wished that everyone could have received a call though.

Memphis thinks that Michelle is definitely aligned with Jerry and Ollie and would probably vote Memphis out this week. Dan realizes that he needs to get Michelle evicted this week. Dan hoped that Michelle wasn't selected to play for PoV since she could not be backdoored if she won PoV. PoV players: Dan picked Renny, Memphis picked Keesha, and Jerry picked Michelle (HG choice). Jerry picked Michelle because she would save him if she won PoV. Ollie was upset that he did not have the chance to control his fate this week.

Time for the PoV competition! The backyard had been turned into a planet! Dan was thrilled since he has always wanted to be an astronaut. HG had to collect puzzle pieces in order to complete a 12-piece puzzle. Some pieces were not used, so the HG had to choose their pieces carefully. The competition was played in two heats: Dan, Keesha, and Michelle competed in the first heat, while Jerry, Memphis, and Renny competed in the second heat. The winners of each heat would then face off in the end for the PoV.

Dan hoped that Keesha could win the first heat so he wouldn't have to be seen as an even bigger threat. Michelle knows that she can win PoV so she doesn't have to rely on Dan's word. Michelle struggled with the competition, much to Dan's happiness. Keesha seemed to have no problem and won the first heat!

Memphis knew that he had to win the PoV in order to stay in the game. Jerry felt the same way. Renny loves dressing up in competitions because they remind her of Mardi Gras. Therefore, she was more focused on her outfit than her performance in the competition. Jerry felt somewhat confident since he is pretty good at puzzles. However, Memphis won the second heat!

Therefore, Keesha and Memphis faced off in the final heat, which contained yet another puzzle to complete. The first HG to complete it would win the PoV. Ollie was thrilled since both Keesha and Memphis would use the PoV to save Memphis. Dan was also thrilled. Memphis completed the puzzle first, so he won the PoV! Memphis loves that he was able to save himself so Michelle could be nominated. Ollie thinks that either Keesha or Renny will be nominated, so that alliance will fall apart. However, Dan has other plans, and the shock will be from Ollie's group instead of his.

Dan and Memphis celebrated following Memphis' PoV win. Both of them still want Michelle evicted this week since she is a stronger competitor than Ollie. They are worried about how upset Michelle and Ollie will be. Dan informed his alliance that he was supposed to nominate Keesha or Renny if PoV is used (as part of the deal), but he isn't going to follow through with that.

Ollie told Dan that he wants Keesha nominated in place of Memphis. Ollie is worried that Dan won't follow through with the deal, so he reminded Dan that he will have Jerry, Michelle, and Ollie all keeping him safe next week. Dan thinks that Ollie is crazy for thinking that he will actually nominate Keesha.

Get involved in the game America! Go to http://www.cbs.com/bigbrother/ to find out how!

Dan knows that no matter who he nominates, someone will be mad at him following the PoV ceremony. Dan plans on asking each HG who they would nominate if they were in his position to cause drama in the house. Dan talked to everyone prior to the PoV ceremony to try to get everyone to say a different name. He got Michelle to say Keesha, Ollie to say Renny, Keesha to say Michelle, and Renny to say Ollie. Renny didn't really understand the point of the activity.

Memphis plans on saving himself with the PoV and assumes that Dan will nominate Michelle in his place, which will cause a lot of drama in the house. Ollie feels like he is HoH this week even though he isn't and hopes that Dan follows through with the deal. Dan knows that he can cause a lot of tension in the house directed away from him through his PoV ceremony speech.

Memphis did decide to save himself with the PoV. Dan went along with his activity, and everyone said who they told Dan they would say. Dan then nominated Michelle and told Ollie that he lost a bet this week. Michelle is shocked that she got backdoored by a deal that someone else made. She also believes that Dan is a "plant" because nobody would play the game and shady as he has. Dan loves that he started drama and can now hide in his HoH bedroom for the rest of the week. Ollie plans on getting revenge before he is evicted.

Who will be evicted? How will the double-eviction night unfold? Find out Thursday!


Anonymous said...

So what did yall put for your answers in the america's vote poll?

Anonymous said...

Renny to get lost on her way home

Renny to have surgery on crow's feet

Dan to headline comedy tour

Dan to be a hero

Jerry for the Slop Diet fad

Keesha for Noble Peace Prize

Ollie to sell counterfeit POV's

Renny to have self-help book

Memphis for the SEXIEST!!!

Keesha to devote her life to helping the poor

Renny's life to be a film

(wow, this is a long poll!?!)

(& it's taking forever!)

Jerry to be arrested by fashion police

Dan entrusted w/ National Security

Michelle beats Jessie arm wrestling

Jerry to want a named holiday

Dan as used car salesman of the year

Keesha for farm

Jerry to get fired for gossiping

Michelle to lose to a 5 yo

Ollie to leave a $1 tip


I wonder if these questions will be used Thursday for an HOH comp?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the Thursday show!!
1st Manchelle will go
then there will be a quick HOH comp
and live nominations
then the POV comp and ceremony
then another eviction
and another HOH comp!!!!!
(Manchelle & another HG will join Lie-bra & Ape-ril in sequestor!)
I love it!!

Anonymous said...

just hope that other person is Ollie, lol

Anonymous said...

I got the first couple votes done and then I got kicked off so I will have to try again tomorrow.

I had
Keesha lost
Renny crows feet
dan commedy tour
jerry resueing the family
then it went out on me

Anonymous said...

sexiest will depend on man or woman taking the poll but I agree memphis since jesse is gone, lol

Anonymous said...

Ollie really does look like a monkey...especially when he wears his hat backwards, haha. It was amazing to see him act like the agreement was all "locked up" what a moron...its a game not anything else. Period.

Anonymous said...

Michelle to get lost on her way home

Keesha to have surgery on crow's feet

Dan to headline comedy tour

Renny to be a hero

Jerry for the Slop Diet fad

Renny for Noble Peace Prize

Michelle to sell counterfeit POV's

Dan to have self-help book

Memphis for the SEXIEST!!! Totally

Renny to devote her life to helping the poor

Renny's life to be a film

Jerry to be arrested by fashion police

Memphis entrusted w/ National Security

Memphis beats Jessie arm wrestling

Michelle to want a named holiday

Ollie as used car salesman of the year (since he will be working for April) lol

Keesha for farm

Michelle to get fired for gossiping

Michelle to lose to a 5 yo

Jerry to leave a $1 tip (cause when he can eat, he wants people to wait on him for nothing)

Anonymous said...

I Would Have Loved It If Dan Would Of Put Ollie Up. Ollie Would Of Went More Ballistic And Probably Get DQed. Ollie Is An Idiot!

Anonymous said...

I hope Dan is the second evict on Thursday.

Let's play a game, Roulette? What a jerk! I can't believe the houseguests really fell for that. He basically threatened them and told them if they didn't play they would go up. None of them should have played. Evel, are you laughing your butt off?

Who should win this year, the jerks or the idiots?

Anonymous said...

I watched BBAD last nite...Manchelle talks with a filthy mouth....so does Jerry !!!
She's a dawg HO and he's just an
old dawg !!!!! God ...get them and
lazy boy OJ-Ollie off the show !
They are creeps and freaks ! I
can't wait for Thursday night to
come ! GO_GO_GO !

Anonymous said...

to 7:25 are you really that naive to not figure out what Dan was doing right there!

First off he talked to each one of them and he told them what he was going to do.

He asked Michelle up in the HOH room who do you want to see go. She said honestly? He said yes and she said Keesha.

Now on to Ollie, Ollie who do you want put up? Ollie Keesha. Ok now on to the game he played (Dan). He told Ollie what he was doing and Ollie said I don't want to say Keesha. So Ollie said who else could you say. He said Renny.

Ok now the ROULETTE!

Rules to game..
1st RULE You must answer or you will be the replacemenet nominee.
2nd Rule You must be honest! DING DING DING!

Ollie was not honest he said Renny when he really wanted Keesha.

Dan was proving to Ollie. Yes I lied to you on part three of the deal but YOU just lied to everyone saying Renny when you really wanted Keesha. POINT BEING YOU HAVE NO REASON TO BE MAD!

Course Ollie didn't catch on and neither apparently did you.

GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!! Thank you DAN for playing the game this year and not sitting around screwing people for the world to see!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Dan is the only one playing the game. Good potty mouth Michelle. I hope Memphis wins the HOH and then it's goodbye Ollie. You can go see your ho!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant goodbye potty mouth Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is just trash...she doesn't know anyother way to talk.
Ollie is an absolute zero...stupid
and lazy. Jerry needs to be in
a freakin personal care home. He
talks nasty & and has horrible
hygiene. Keesha is ditzy but I
like her. Renny is one candle short
of a birthday cake but I like her.
Memphis is sorta a smart-alec but I
like him. Dan is the Man ! He has
played one hell of a game !!!!!!He
is the true winner in all ways, even tho he may not wind up the
winner because of all the savvy
underhanded things he's done......
but, hey, it's just a game !