Monday, August 25, 2008

8/25 Live Feeds: PoV Ceremony

After being blocked for about 40 minutes, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Memphis did save himself with the PoV. In his place, Dan nominated Michelle. I'll let you know if anything changes!


Anonymous said...

I read on another web site the Ollie told Memphis he was a faggot (sorry hate that word, but thats what he said) then told Memphis to suck his D . Ollie told Michelle they better get someone from BB in there because he is going to knock someone in the face and body slam him. Now Ollie throwing things in the house and in the back yard. BB calls Ollie to DR and he yells FU and says no. LOL

Anonymous said...

wow if that really happened and memphis really is the bad ass that he says he is im wondering why he didnt do something in return

Anonymous said...

Memphis should not do anything. Let ollie be DQ'd. Why should he be this close and blow it becasue of a big baby!

Anonymous said...

Funny Ollie throwing a fit and freaking out because Dan went back on part of the deal.

Well April went back on part of her deal saying she would keep Jesse safe and that didn't happen did it.

Does no one remember what happened to Kaysar when he trusted. His butt was back out the door in less than a day because Jennifer broke her deal, LOL!!

Didn't see him acting like a big baby and threatening everyone. Hig Difference between a Man and a Boy!!

Anonymous said...

oops typo.. HUGE difference between a Man and a Boy!

Anonymous said...

That ugly lazy Ollie needs to be
put OFF BB10 today ! What a freak
he's just a game ! LOL
That BOY is gettin' irritated cause
he ain't got his HO no mo' !

Anonymous said...

This is the second time that Ollie has called someone a "fag" he called Dan one to april in the HOH room he should have been warned and now he should be kicked out of the house.  I wonder how he would have acted if someone droped an N bomb to him.  Why to show to make mom and dad proud.

Anonymous said...

I read on the other site that Ollie
went nuts today and tore up the
BBhouse ! no one has seen his
since then.

Anonymous said...

he was in Diary room for a while. I understand he's back in house.

You can check out videos on YouTube. Just search by bb10 and the latest post.

Anonymous said...

This is the most desperate, (in a bad way,) group of houseguests BB has ever had. It seems like there is more lying and backstabbing going on this season than any other. I'm not sure how they're all able to keep their lies straight. Must be alot of practice. You can't walk in that house and become that deceitful. You have it when you enter.

Are Keesha, Renny and Memphis so dumb to think that Dan is on their side? Especially after what he did to Ollie? He swore on his mother/father, church and Monica's life he would keep his word. The only side he is on is Dan's side. If lying and cheating is the christian way to get what you want, go for it buddy. Why would he even want to be in a game when lying, cheating and deceiving is the name of the game. He can profess to be whatever he wants.
Actions speak louder than words.

I really think he's a legend in his own mind, Ewwwwww...the worst of the worst, especially because he's a teacher in a Catholic school and is suppose to be a role model for his students and he's playing them for fools. Does he really think they can't read the writing on the walls.

Sprite pong instead of beer pong? Who do you think you're kidding? Really Dan!

If K,R and M are smart, they'd get rid of him as soon as they can.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip its a game for $500,000 whats he suppose to do tell the truth all the time and make it to the end just to lose.  People vote on who played the game the best not that they always told the truth.

Anonymous said...

Please get a tree in the backyard so that Ollie can hang on it like the monkey he is.

Anonymous said...

i agree with 9:53pm ! maybe Ollie
can swing right out of the house.
OOOOhhhhh....maybe they'll let a
bunch of birds fly over him and
scare him to death ! LOL

Anonymous said...

hey, no need to get all old south racist, people.

Anonymous said...

Not being racist but Ollie acted like any typical 20 comething afro american.

To the poster about Dan. Like Keesha said. Am I supposed to be mad I am not on the blacok instead of manchelle?

Ollie wanted Keesha out to make his lovy happy. He doesn't care about winning this. He cares about one thing. Getting back in Aprils pants!

N word isn ot right but SUCK MY D is not right either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memphis has done nothing to Ollie except save his own ass and he goes off on him!


Anonymous said...


Oh Jerry anyone has my vote except DAN! WHY because he plays the game and you dont by sending your one alliance out first week!



and who is the liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He goes on and on (Jerry) about his wife and yet can't say I LOVE YOU??!!??

Ollie ......Kaysar got played way worse than you GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ollie... April broke her word to MANCHELLE in the game only doing 1/2 the deal and you got over that quick. Wonder why.. Not your problem right was Jesse's!

MANCHELLE!! You let April get away with making your fave leave and forgave her and blamed others!!! HEY MAN SUCK IT UP!! SHOULD HAVE FIGURED OUT WHO TO ALIGN WITH EARLIER THAN THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Renny, Keesha, Dan & Memphis to FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the 2:57 am comment,what do you mean saying Ollie acted like the typical 20 something african american??? That is an ignorant stereotype and totally inappropriate!! Don't bring race into this! Just say Ollie is an ASS and leave it alone!

Anonymous said...

To 12:58
Unfortunately, the 2:57 am post
hit the nail on the head ! There
is a lot of truth in that comment.
Sorry you can't accept the truth.
Facts speak for themself....look
at the Prison ratio ! That is
the truth ! Sorry !

Anonymous said...

to poster 9:23

Dan is aligned with Memphis #1.. then Keesha and Renny. He is not going to put one of risk losing one of them.

Dan swore on Monica, his faimly on one part of the 3 part deal. The first part that HE DID KEEP HIS WORD ON!

You can be mad all you want he didn't go through on part 3 of the deal but fact is he did not swear on that part of it!

I would want Dan or Keesha in my corner if I were in there because they are the most loyal of them all!

Dan is a great role model and I would love to have him for my teacher!

Anonymous said...

Also 9:23

Big Brother is a game. You have to lie to make it to the end. Name ONE PERSON who won this who did not have to lie! If you don't lie you won't win!! FACT!

Anonymous said...


racial prison ratios? wow, we really are back in the old south. weren't those refuted by annual income prison ratios? as in, poorer people tend to commit more crimes, not black people? moreover, aren't black people's ratios higher because they also happen to be poorer as a statistical whole?

of course, the real question is why black people tend to make less money than the average american. i imagine you could respond just as you did before, that 'typical' black people are naturally predisposed to be lazy and violent, on and on. have fun looking for any sort of intellectual respect with that view outside the KKK.

now we could go back and forth all day, but ill end with an appeal to common sense. is a suburbo-white like me college educated and making a good living because i was predisposed to do perform well or because my parents had a lot of money that they devoted to my upbringing? not that i had nothing to do with it, but i certainly got (and still get) a lot of help, and it certainly makes a lot of difference.

Anonymous said...

To the 2:26 pm comment:
So you are saying every african american in their 20's is a hot head like Ollie and they are in jail??? Hmmm..have you been to every jail in the us or every university? Probably not! I am quite sure you will see more than one race incarcerated and many african americans who attend college and graduate with honors!!! Do some research and
educate yourself and stop making ignorant comments!!

Anonymous said...

What is with all the stereotypes? Whoever is posting the "African American" bs is just trying to rattle cages, but for pete's sake saying stuff about the "old south" is just as stereotypical! Stop being a hypocrite if you're going to preach against stereotypes!

Anonymous said...

the old south was racist. maybe there were a precious few who were not racist in the days of slavery, but they certainly don't represent the culture.

anyway, when dealing with stereotypes and generalizations about things i like this little saying:

all generalizations are wrong. anyone who makes a generalization is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

7:46 pm:

You can't honestly read your first paragraph in contrast with your last and not think that's a double standard.

"all generalizations are wrong. anyone who makes a generalization is an idiot."

Well, I guess you're an idiot... by your own account of course.