Sunday, August 19, 2007

8/18 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

As the evening went on, the feeds became more exciting! Will Amber and Jameka cut some sort of deal with Daniele in an effort to be safe this week? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Zach is surprised at how well Jen has taken Dick's outbursts towards her. Dick says that she must like being abused. @@

Amber prayed to God again, forgiving (yes, she's forgiving God @@) him for not letting her win PoV. She was thankful for the trip but doesn't know what to do if Daniele approaches her with a deal this week. Amber doesn't know what to do following the game but knows that opportunities will open for her. Dick then joins Amber and says that PoV didn't mean anything to him today, so he didn't try for it. Dick then goes on about how good of a competitor Daniele is and compares her to Janelle. He congratulated Amber on winning both a feast and a trip. Amber says it's hard being nominated, and Dick agrees because he thought he was going to be evicted last week. He says that anything can happen and that Amber has a 50/50 shot at staying this week.

Amber talked to Jameka about her conversation with Dick. Amber thinks that Dick really likes her, even though he attacks her on occasion. Jameka thinks that Daniele will save one of them with PoV and nominate Jen in their place. Jameka then says that Eric would be nominated instead since Jen is on slop for the rest of the month. Amber doesn't think Daniele would use PoV since she is so selfish. Jameka says that Daniele would use it if Amber offered her a deal. Amber doesn't want to talk to Daniele alone and suggests that she and Jameka talk to Daniele together. Jameka didn't seem to like that idea though. They seem to both want Eric out this week. Amber decides that she won't make a deal with Daniele because God has everything planned out this week. @@ Amber can't stand how fake Jessica is since she used to hate Dick and now she loves him again. Amber says that if Daniele and Dick were smart, they would get Eric out this week. Amber tells Jameka that Zach voted Dustin out last week because Jessica freed him of his word to her.

Apparently, Amber and Daniele hugged after the PoV competition, and Amber said that hug was real since Amber threw her PoV. @@ - I doubt that she threw the competition. Amber goes on about how good of a position Jameka is in now because she isn't a threat to anyone. Amber says that she will be evicted if the nominations stay the same, so she asked Jameka to leave her a good goodbye message. Amber warns Jameka about how smart Dick is. She says that Daniele and Dick are brutal competitors together. Amber thinks that next week will feature endurance competitions, much to her dismay. Amber continues to say that she knows her and Jameka will stay this week. Amber then goes on about life after the game, and Jameka tells her that she doesn't see modeling in Amber's future. She sees her more of a teacher. They go on for the longest time before Amber brings up her shock regarding Dustin's eviction again.

Jameka says that Dustin's eviction was wrong because he didn't know that he was going. Jameka says that Eric wants everyone out and doesn't understand how he is still here. Amber wants to visit Jameka after the show so she can see her (Amber's) daughter. Jameka says that she will see pictures of her next week. @@ Amber goes on about how "fine" her daughter's father is.

That does it for the evening! It mainly consisted of Amber and Jameka blabbing, as you can tell. Who knows if Amber will ever get the courage to ask Daniele for a deal this week. If she doesn't, she will probably be joining Dustin in the jury!


Anonymous said...

Just getting caught up on the blog here. I think it's hilarious that Dickless thinks he orchestated Dustin's eviction.

That was all America's doing, Big Dick. lol

Anonymous said...

Liked this comment - Jen thinks that the DR wanted Dick to stay over Dustin.

No freakin' duh! Reality show my ass!

Anonymous said...

Comparing Daniele to Janelle is laughable. Janelle didn't have her daddy there clearing the way for her!

Anonymous said...

Dick will look like a complete fool when he gets out and realizes that he had NOTHING to do with his staying in the house and that he has pulled NOTHING over on anyone. He is a complete idiot and so is his daughter. The joke is on you idiot!!

Anonymous said...

Dick is a pig. Wake up houseguests and clean the swine from the pen.
He and Daniele are liars from the get go.