Sunday, August 19, 2007

8/19 Live Feeds: 5:00PM- 8:00PM

Well the night is just getting started in the BB House, with Jen likely going up and Daniele's Birthday tomorrow will any deals be struck and will Daniele have a party?

Eric sat in the hot tub and talked to Jen. They talked about if Daniele would use the PoV and if so who the replacement would be. Eric said there is no point in asking because Daniele will lie. Eric tells Jen not to worry about it until tomorrow. Jen believes she might be going up because its the only way to get Jen out. Jen says Dick is being nice to her because he needs her vote in the finals. Jen says she can't win the game and second is the best she can get. Eric believes he can't win either.

Eric then runs to Dick and tells him about his conversation with Jen. Dick says he cannot wait for Jen to be miserable.

Amber talks to Daniele. She tells her about what Eric told her- not trust Dick/Daniele because they lie and like to backdoor people. Daniele then says she can offer Amber a deal- Daniele will take Amber off if Amber does not nominate Daniele next week. Amber swears on her daughter's life and says she won't nominate Daniele for 3 weeks and beyond. Amber also says she will vote however Daniele wants. Daniele says that Amber won't evict Jameka but Amber says if that's what you want, I will. Amber tells Daniele she wont tell anyone but.....Amber tells Jameka everything

Right now all HG are on outdoor lock down, they are thinking it is for Daniele's Birthday party. More to come later


Anonymous said...

This is a hard decision to make this week. I want Waaamber out so bad, but I feel just the same about Jen and Jameka. Whatever she decides to do I hope it doesn't come back to bite her. I think Eric should have to give his Woobie to Daniele. That would make Jessica so ticked and maybe stir up some trouble for Eric. I know he is AP, but he blew it with me early on when he complained about his tasks. And lets talk about his facial expressions. He looks so guilty most of the time with his shifty eyes. I can't believe someone hasn't caught on to that yet. So my votes are going to Daniele for the woobie assignment.

Anonymous said...

Have a heart America. Let Eric give his woobie to Jess. You screwed him with the silent treatment, let him have this.

Anonymous said...

Why does Eric continually say things that will come back on him? Like telling Amber not to trust Dick & Daniele? Does he not want to win?

toni1356 said...

Is Amber for real? I feel sorry for her. She thinks that America loves her and every poll I've seen she is at the bottom

Anonymous said...

daniele honestly makes me sick. she is a spoiled rotten brat.

a day doesnt go by when she doesnt complain about SOMETHING.

jacqueline said...

I can't take Jen any more. every time she see's someone talking to someone else she buts in. why can't she just go some where else. she is a pested. I would go off on her so badly they would ask me to leave the show. which is why they only put one black person at a time on that show.

jacqueline said...

i am so tired of erick double talking every one. jessica is a fool and really thinks erick wants her. frankly he acts like some one who he is keeping it on the downlow.

and every one knows what that mean I hope.

jessica keeps showing him how much she wants him and wants to kiss him. she is not even picking up on it or he has a boyfriend already.

there something about his private life he is not telling people. anyway, i thought jameka and amber and jen are on slop. so are they always eating food they are not suppose to be eating.

have the rules changed. and dame can jameka and amber save some food for every one else.

they really need to get jen out she and zach are going to be the last two standing watch and see.

folieadeux8381 said...

Either Amber came into this game a little crazy or BB has made her that way... o_O

Anonymous said...

Its funny how Dani used that speech about letting them play for the POV. Because everyone loves them and its fair, blah blah. Why not let JEN play for it? I hate the backdoor. If you really wanna go up against the best dont back down. Backdooring is lame. I really like JEN and its funny how these people dont think about the JURY memebers. First dustin and now if Jen goes up. I wouldn't give my vote to any of them. ERIC is horrible and america has made him that way. I wish people would have him try to get his new power group of 4 on the block so that he gets outed!

Sm said...

Amber should be evicted.

This is D & E.D.'s best move.

Jamika's not a current threat.

And Jen has no, real loyalties right now.

Anonymous said...

Let the nominations stand silly. Get rid of Amber, Meca cannot hurt d without being able to win HOH and Jen really has no one to support her.
Please Daniele at least try and act like your not a spoiled 15 year old crybaby. If I was her bf I not only would not write I would move away from her as far as I could and try to hook up with Jen.
If she had any brains at all now would be the time to put up eric and finally get rid of that piece of crap. Is there anyone that he has not lied to in the house. Give it to him he can play the game well.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Amber swore on her daughter's life again?

How many more times is she going to do that?

Now she just looks pathetic.

You would think that Amber would have learned her lesson the first time.

I have to go back and read it again, but did Amber say that she wasn't going to vote for Daniele for the next 3 weeks?!

How stupid.

The game changes from day to day. How can you promise not to vote for someone for 3 weeks?

Anonymous said...

i cant stand jen but she is a very good player and good at getin her pov and getin herself off the block she is a spoild brat and needs not to b 2face i so want her gone along with amber she should of been gone the frist week they had there chance and they blow it

and jen she should of been back doored not nike joe and mike nike and mike would of gone far in the game i think and then nike can c what danie is all about sheshould be with her bf her bf desvers much better shes a tooth pick groes

Anonymous said...

amber u say u believe in god but u have the gusts to swear up and down more then one on ur baby girl whats wrong with u and listen girl ur not the best at all we all hate ya sorry to say u cry way too much over the sillies things dum things really

Anonymous said...

i hope ur gone amber i cant believe u say u believe in god and that but u swear up and down on ur baby girl all the time and its old and needs to stop really ur makin urself really look bad and pathetic really and trust me we all dont like u ur not the best really so be gone u cry over the sillies things dum things and it really is makin me sick!!!!!!!! and im still to this day cant belelive u lied to nike to his face and got him back doored but u believe in god right???? !!!!!!! so thats y i dont like u and cant stand u on the show u need to b gone really the peeps that should of been back doored jen and amber not nike mike and joe they all would of goten far in the game with danie and dick plus he really need to c what danie is like shes 21 years old but stuck in a 12 year old brain wake up danie ur bf is pissed with u i would be too if i was ur bf come on now at least he seen the real u

4 jen she is one of a kind shes a 2 faced b**** and crys over a pic lies to the hg and lies to nikes face in front of all the hg she need to myob she sticks her noise where it dont belongs but i give her one thing shes a very strong player and getin herself off the block with pov 3 weeks in a row and again this week dam it i know it shes goin to win it and get herself off and if so put amber up and get her out of the house