Monday, March 3, 2008

3/3 Live Feeds: 3:00-7:00 PM

Allison/Ryan think that they can convince Chelsia/James to vote to keep them by stressing how little Adam/Sheila have contributed to the game. Allison thinks that the "alarm" will keep them in the game and also thinks that they are America's favorite couple since they are the center of all the drama. Sheila is fed up with everyone not cleaning up after themselves in the house. James says that keeping Allison/Ryan would be a smart move since they have the worst chance at winning the game based on the couples remaining in the house.

Other than that, the HG have been chatting amongst themselves and speculating about the "alarm" twist. Sadly, the feeds don't look to be too much more exciting until after this week's live show.


Anonymous said...

Theres no comments because there is nothing to say about the show. I use 2 love 2 watch it, but now
its the same thing over an over.
Bring back Will or Boogie or Dick !!!!

Anonymous said...

lol you're right. there isn't much to say. They shouldn't have done couples. It would be more interesting. I hope Sharon/Joshuah wins.
I feel kinda (not really) bad for whoever runs this site. It use to be livelier. They've seemed to lose interest as well. But I'm glad they still run it.