Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3/3-4 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-3:00 AM

James called Matt out on telling both couples that he would keep them this week. Matt told him that is the way you play BB - trying to cover your tracks. He claims that he didn't want to talk to either couple about the vote, so he told them both he would vote for them. Chelsia then starts up and starts screaming at him for the same apparent reason. Matt told James that if James told Matt how he was voting, Matt wouldn't have to tell both couples that he is voting for him. James says that he refuses to tell anyone how he is voting. This upset Sheila, saying that the voting couples should tell everyone who they are voting for to stop the stress of the week. Chelsia claims that her/James aren't making deals without telling others about them. @@ Natalie then asks why she nominated her last week when they promised not to. Chelsia told her that she knows why, but Natalie still doesn't understand why they put her under the pressure of having to win PoV last week.

Matt told Adam and Ryan that he wants the vote to be unanimous this week, so he needs to talk to James before confirming who he is voting out. Joshuah really wants the vote to be tied so he can personally evict Allison. Natalie promised him that her/Matt will be voting Allison/Ryan out. Sheila thinks that Chelsia/James want to keep Allison/Ryan since they can beat them in the finals, so Matt/Natalie need to vote Allison/Ryan out and let the vote be tied.

James was the last one asleep tonight, just checking into bed as I post this. All HG are now currently asleep.

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