Saturday, March 8, 2008

3/7-8 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-9:00 AM

James wants to target Natalie and Sheila the two weeks that he promised Ryan safety. Joshuah really wants to nominate Natalie if he wins HoH next week. He and Sharon think that Matt and Natalie are their two biggest threats. Ryan says that he will nominate either James or Joshuah to replace Chelsia. Matt likes the idea of nominating James. Adam, Matt, and Ryan made a deal to be the final three. They plan on targeting James now.

Other than that, little happened last night. Matt was the last one asleep at just after 2:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this. There seems to be two sides in the house: One side is Adam, Matt, Natalie, Ryan, and Sheila; the other side is Chelsia, James, Joshuah, and Sharon. Ryan's plan is now to nominate James at the PoV ceremony, with James being the target.


Anonymous said...

Ryan needs a reality check....the point of BB is to eliminate your is his chance to get James, Matt or Josh out. Instead, he's going after the females who are easy targets!

Anonymous said...

I agree, he was (is) my fave, but his head is up his ass !!!!

Anonymous said...

HAA Ryan needs to get Matt or Natt out, Matt plays everyone, and Natt plays stupid (I'm thinking she's gonna make it to the end)he needs to start playing the GAME, and knock out his competition..Starting with Matt, James, Joshua, then Natt..then work on the rest !! He's getting suckered into the easy targets by his competition !