Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3/4 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Allison/Ryan or Matt/Natalie from eviction? Let's find out!

Matt was not happy about being nominated again. Joshuah's target this week is solely Allison. Allison isn't surprised about being nominated. Chelsia and Ryan think the whole house is against Allison/Ryan. Chelsia wants Matt/Natalie out because they are her biggest threat. Joshuah thinks that everyone in the house thinks that he is the "hothead" of the house. Adam was thrilled to avoid nomination this week. Matt doesn't like how Natalie has gotten so much more attached to him after he kissed her. Allison claims that Matt/Natalie "owe" them since they convinced the house to vote Amanda/Alex out last week. Natalie hopes to win PoV and flip the game around.

Adam/Sheila were the fourth couple chosen to play PoV. James was selected to host. Couples were positioned in a pulley system. One member would run out and grab pieces to a puzzle while hoisting their partern in the air to position the pieces. Once a couple solved their puzzle correctly, they would win PoV! Allison claimed that she was good with puzzles. Sheila doesn't think that her and Adam work together because Adam wants to do everything himself. Allison figured out the puzzle shape soon but had trouble positioning the pieces the way she wanted. Allison/Ryan and Matt/Natalie were neck-and-neck all the way to the end. Allison was very into the competition, but Matt/Natalie finished first, thus winning the PoV! Sheila knows that her/Adam will be nominated and is nervous. Chelsia was not happy about Matt/Natalie winning.

Allison apologized to Ryan for putting him in the situation they are in. Matt told Ryan that he would do anything he could to make Ryan stay this week. Matt tried to pep Allison up, saying that she can do anything in the game with her manipulating. Sheila doesn't like how Adam disagrees with her every time they play in a competition. Allison thinks that Adam just gets stressed out. James thinks that Adam/Sheila's bickering is funny. Matt talked to Sharon about his relationship with Natalie. He then felt the sudden urge to kiss her, and they both seemed to enjoy it. Matt claims that he is playing her though. Unfortunately for him, Sharon doesn't buy it. Joshuah walked in and laughed at them.

Matt tried to explain his feelings for Natalie to her. Natalie claims that Matt has been treating her worse than anyone else since they "hooked up." All Natalie wants is to talk to Matt, and Matt hasn't been realizing that. He promised to be nicer to her from here on out. Natalie still believes that Matt is her soulmate, and God put them both there for a reason. Allison tried again to see why Joshuah hates her so much. Joshuah claims that Allison has started too much drama in the house, but Allison says that Joshuah is starting more drama by hating her for no reason. The HouseGuests were informed that when they heard a certain sound (it is a sound from the BB7 "wake-up call" PoV competition), they are to gather in the living room for an announcement. They were all excited.

Joshuah is very nervous about the "siren." The HG continued to speculate about the twist. Matt called Allison "a self-destructing time bomb." Matt/Natalie decided to use the PoV to save themselves from eviction. Joshuah/Sharon nominated Adam/Sheila to replace them. Sheila really wants to stay in the house. Allison claims that she is a survivor and will try her hardest to stay this week.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

soooooo is there a twist???

lannie said...

I suppose the twist will come after eviction. But then who knows. I figure the siren will be about the gathering of the HG's to explain the twist.

Maybe after this last eviction then they will split into playing for theirselves.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope Alison & Ryan go home !!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

I have a theory on the twist. Maybe they bring all the evicted houseguest back for a competition to return to the house as the hampsters watch on the screen (they are being summoned to the living room where the TV is). 1 guy and 1 girl comes back as a couple. Then the remaining couples get broken up to be new couples. That would throw a huge monkey wrench into the mix. Having to learn a new partner.


Anonymous said...

Ihope they redo the couples and
make Joshua share a bed with
Allison.......wouldn't that be a
hoot ! LOL

Anonymous said...

If they put Ryan and Natalie....together......
she'd be on him "like white on
rice ".............god, I love
this crazy show ! She is such
a Ho !!!!! Last night when she
was in the DR.....she leaned back
and had her arms spread out and
those old fake boobs were flat in
the middle and hanging out on both
sides ! Yuk !!!!!