Sunday, March 2, 2008

3/1 Live Feeds: 11:00 AM-9:00 PM

Ryan thinks he has a better chance at staying if Chelsia/James are nominated, but Matt thinks that he is better off against Adam/Sheila. Allison and Sheila fought again about their troubling relationship. Allison still doesn't understand why Sheila was so quick to turn on her. She tells Sheila that Chelsia/James will be the replacement nominee and tries to work her for a vote, but Sheila is still convinced that her/Adam will be nominated. Allison told Sheila that she will vote for her if she is in the finals. After some time, the two finally embrace.

Allison claims that she heard James tell Adam that he will vote for him to stay this week if Adam is nominated. Therefore, Allison wants Ryan to work James for a vote. The HouseGuests received a letter from BB saying: "HouseGuests, I have an important announcement. Sometime in the coming weeks, you will hear a distinct sound over the speakers. When you hear this sound, you must all gather at once in the living room and wait for instructions, and be aware, this could happen at any time. Expect the unexpected, BB." This excited the house.

Sharon thinks that more HouseGuests will enter the house or return to the house since BB told them to gather in the living room. Joshuah wants Adam/Sheila nominated because he is afraid that Sheila will flip and vote to keep Allison this week. Allison and Joshuah had another confrontation about why Joshuah doesn't like Allison. He says that she lies too much and starts drama in the house that isn't needed, and she continued to go on. Same story as always. @@ Allison wants Ryan to confront Joshuah now, but he doesn't feel like it.

Ryan told Allison that she needs to stop trashing other HouseGuests behind their backs and to stop talking to Joshuah. Allison thinks that the others are intimidated by her, which is why she is being targeted. Ryan then rolled his eyes, as I will too. @@ Other than that, the HG have been enjoying their night in the house. James and Matt have make-up on, and I'm sure another round of making out will start soon!

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