Saturday, March 1, 2008

2/29-3/1 Live Feeds: 3:00 PM-11:00 AM

Joshuah/Sharon told Chelsia/James that they will never nominate them, so Adam/Sheila will be the replacement nominee. Allison complained about the competition instructions not being clear enough; otherwise she could have won. She thinks that Chelsia/James will be nominated so she tried convincing Adam/Sheila to vote for her to stay this week. Matt told Ryan that he wants him to stay this week so he will try to get another couple's vote after the PoV Ceremony.

Allison told Matt that Chelsia would never vote her out because they are friends. She again mentioned how nobody will vote for her/Ryan to win the game, so they are the best couple to take to the finals. Matt told her that if the two of them stay, they will start "Operation Rainbow" to get Joshuah/Sharon evicted. Matt told Joshuah that he still wants a blow job from Allison before she leaves, and Joshuah thinks that she will do anything for a vote. @@ Matt and James think that they should let Allison believe that she has their vote so they won't have to hear from her anymore.

Allison told Ryan that she has a lot of bad things to tell others about Sheila, but she will wait until later in the week before telling them. Chelsia and Allison made out, and James joined in another hot tub kissing fest. Chelsia and Natalie kissed as well. Matt told Sharon that Chelsia/James could be aligned with Allison/Ryan. He says that Chelsia wasn't happy when he won PoV. Sharon asked Matt if he received a blow job from Natalie, but he denied it, saying that Amanda made that up as a rumor. Matt then started making out with Sharon, and they seemed really into it!

Sharon told Joshuah about making out with Matt, but she claimed she wasn't into him. Joshuah says that Sharon needs to be more flirtacious with the guys in the house, but Sharon isn't really attracted to any of them. Matt told Ryan that he has Sharon "in his pocket" after making out with her. Sharon was the last one asleep last night at around 1:35 AM. Matt was the first one up today at around 10:20 AM, shortly follows by a BB wake-up call. Matt and Ryan continued to discuss targeting Joshuah/Sharon next week.


Anonymous said...

When did this show become porn? This Season SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

When did this show become full of p0rn? This Season SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Check your morality at the door... act like a fool and compromise everything you thought you believed in... for $$$$$$. That's what it's about. The first couple of seasons where the best. It was psychological & "game play"... now it's just sex, tearing people down and lies. I'm done with big brother.

Samantha said...

I agree, this season sucks, and it's emabarassing to watch with your parents, haha!