Thursday, February 28, 2008

2/27 Live Feeds: 5:00-10:00 PM

Allison told Matt that she is responsible for Matt/Natalie remaining in the house so they need to repay her this week. She says that keeping in the game is ruining her shot at winning because it has caused Joshuah to hate her, since he wanted Alex/Amanda to stay last week. Joshuah says that his main target is Allison/Ryan this week. Allison doesn't understand why Joshuah hates her so much.

Sheila hopes that if Joshuah/Sharon nominate her as a pawn, that she will still be safe this week. Sheila then says it might be better to put someone stronger next to her so they can win PoV. She and Natalie talked about how much Allison has trashed everyone in the house. Sharon is worried that Joshuah will really blow up this week, which could hurt them in the future. Natalie suggested that Joshuah break Allison down prior to the PoV so that she will be too rattled to play.

Allison has been trying to get Joshuah expelled from the house by saying that he has been violently threatening her, which is against BB rules. Ryan says that Joshuah is just doing that to break her so that she will want to leave this week. BB told Joshuah to stay at least five feet from Allison to avoid any contact. Ryan thinks that he/Allison will be nominated alongside Matt/Natalie. If so, he told Adam that he needs to use the PoV on him, so that they can vote Chelsia/James out, and the six of them remain in the house.


Anonymous said...

I used to like the way Joshuah was playing so for but now I find he's getting really cocky about everything. I hope he get evicted next week..

Anonymous said...

After watching After Dark last night, I think I missed something.. does anyone know what Adam said to Sheila to make her feel so threatened?