Thursday, February 28, 2008

2/28 Live Feeds: 2:00-6:00 PM

The feeds returned around 2:10 PM with the HouseGuests dressed in overalls. Joshuah/Sharon are still planning on nominating Allison/Ryan and Matt/Natalie. Chelsia is worried that Allison/Ryan will win PoV, and Joshuah says that they will just vote Matt/Natalie out then and try to get Allison/Ryan out next week.

Allison tried to do some damage control following her fight with Joshuah this morning. She claims that Sheila was responsible for the lesbian lie and that Allison wanted to tell the truth the following day. She apologized for blowing up on Joshuah this morning and then claims that Joshuah/Sharon are her FAVORITE people in the house! @@ She proceeded to trash Ryan, saying that he wanted Matt/Natalie out last week. She said that she will do whatever Joshuah/Sharon want her to do in the future if they keep her this week. Joshuah says that he is done fighting with her since it is wearing him and the entire house out. They continued to go on forever, saying the same things.

Sharon told Chelsia/James about her talk with Allison and that she is thinking of keeping Allison/Ryan this week. Chelsia/James think she is crazy and immediately try to straighten her out. James is upset with Chelsia about saying earlier that she wanted to take Allison/Ryan to the finals. Chelsia made an announcement to the house that she said this when she was drunk and didn't mean it. James told Matt that he would be nominated this week, but like last week, he is not the target. Matt seemed okay with it.

Sharon is nervous about keeping Matt/Natalie in the game. Joshuah doesn't understand why people think that because Joshuah/Sharon have won more competitions than anyone else in the house, not Matt/Natalie. Joshuah says that Adam/Sheila will be nominated if PoV is used. Matt told Natalie that she is the reason if they get nominated this week since she has been talking too much with Joshuah/Sharon. The feeds have been blocked since around 5:30 PM for the nominations ceremony. I'll let you know the result when they return!

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