Sunday, February 24, 2008

2/24 Show Recap

Ryan says that he is playing for both himself and Jen. Amanda was upset because Jen was one of the few people who liked her. Alex wasn't too upset with the eviction. Allison was thrilled to get Jen finally out of the picture. Sheila was relieved to be able to continue her friendship with Allison. Matt was upset to say goodbye to one of his friends and one of the hottest girls. Chelsia/James were thrilled to be in charge of the house now. Alex wasn't too happy and says that if he is nominated, then Amanda is to blame. Amanda doesn't trust either Chelsia or James and knows that she is nominated. She summed it up with a "no bueno." Natalie was thrilled because she trusts both of the HoH's. Allison hopes that Chelsia will keep her "secret" away from everyone. Joshuah loved seeing Alex/Amanda dethroned. Amanda was disgusted with the disappearance of the drinking cups. The HG are now drinking out of bowls. James told Matt that he would not be nominated this week. Joshuah told Sharon about Allison and Sheila being lesbians. Sharon says that they need to keep quiet until sharing the secret would work to their advantage. Time to see Chelsia/James' HoH bedroom! They both received pictures of their families. Matt was jealous. Chelsia/James and Matt/Natalie made a deal not to nominate each other over the next two weeks. James started a plan called "Operation Condor" to get Alex/Amanda out of the house this week.

Amanda forgave Joshuah for everything he said during their fight. Joshuah apologized. Amanda apologized for making him snap on her. Amanda promised that she would take Joshuah to the final three. They formed a "secret alliance." Natalie told Amanda that she really likes Matt and wants to start a real-life relationship with him. However, Matt doesn't want a relationship to distract him from the game. Allison thought it might be the best to tell the truth about their "lesbian lie" since the first two evictions were caused by couples knowing each other in real life. Sheila thinks that Joshuah will blow up on them.

Time for the food competition! Teams are Allison/Ryan, Joshuah/Sharon, and Matt/Natalie VS Adam/Sheila, Alex/Amanda, and Chelsia/James. The backyard had been turned into a raw fish haven! Teams had to fill the opposing team's nets full with fish while they held onto the nets as they increased in weight. The team who could hold their nets the longest would win food for the week! The team consisting of Allison/Ryan, Joshuah/Sharon, and Matt/Natalie won.

Natalie says that Amanda says "bueno" at least 30 times a day. (It's a way of saying "hello" in Spanish.) James doesn't know how Chelsia feels about their relationship. Chelsia says that she develops more feelings for James each day. The two finally snuggled up and kissed for a while. Allison and Sheila told Chelsia the truth about their "lesbian lie." They also told James and Joshuah about it. Joshuah doesn't know what to think about the two now and thinks they may lie about everything if they made up a rumor about themselves. Chelsia was confused as well and doesn't trust them anymore. James was also upset about it.

Amanda believes that she is one of the biggest targets in the house because she is a competitor and smart. Matt/Natalie feel safe since Chelsia/James gave them their word. Sheila thinks that she could be a target because of the lesbian lie. Adam is also worried that he could be nominated as a pawn this week. Alex again said that Amanda would be the reason for his nomination today. Chelsia knows that she will be a target next week because of the nominations. Order of keys: Adam/Sheila, Joshuah/Sharon, and Allison/Ryan, leaving Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie nominated for eviction. Chelsia/James said that they nominated Matt/Natalie so that they would win the PoV and secure Alex/Amanda's eviction. Alex is now bitter towards Amanda after her actions last week. Amanda isn't ready to go home this week. Natalie says that her nomination was a compliment. Matt thinks that James is a double-crosser.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Alex/Amanda or Matt/Natalie from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

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