Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2/26-27 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-3:00 AM

Joshuah told Allison that he is still voting out Matt/Natalie this week so that he can win Alex/Amanda's jury vote, and Allison/Ryan won't. This upset Allison, and she and Ryan agree that Joshuah needs to go soon. Allison also says that James threatened her about voting Matt/Natalie out, saying that if she doesn't, he will make her feel uncomfortable in the house. Joshuah/Sharon decide that that if the other two voting couples are voting Alex/Amanda out, they don't want to be the odd one out, so they plan on voting Alex/Amanda out as well.

Apparently, Matt said something about wanting to get a blow job from Allison before he leaves the house. Alex tried to use that against him by informing Allison, but she didn't seem to care since Alex talked badly about her all last week. Alex tried telling Ryan that he cannot trust Matt/Natalie since they were the sole vote against them last week. Ryan said that they don't completely trust Matt/Natalie, but since Alex/Amanda aren't campaigning, he wants to vote them out.

Ryan talked to Allison about possibly voting out Matt/Natalie. Allison said that she still needed to talk to Amanda before deciding on changing again. She then told Amanda that there is a possibility of her staying this week, and if she does, she needs to step up her game. Allison wants Amanda to target Joshuah/Sharon if she stays, not Chelsia/James. Joshuah/Sharon think they made a mistake by not using the PoV.

Alex/Amanda had yet another spat with each other. Alex got mad at Amanda because she seems to think that they are going to be evicted this week. He had an attitude about it for the rest of the night, which upset Amanda since he was ignoring her. She and Sheila are also upset because someone apparently hid the jar of pickles, which is one of the only foods the HG can eat with the slop. Natalie doesn't understand why someone would do that.

The HG were told to go to bed early tonight since BB usually wakes them up at 8:00 AM on Wednesdays. They were all asleep by 1:15 AM tonight. I'm not really sure who will be evicted now. It all comes down to how Allison/Ryan vote, and Adam/Sheila will do whatever Allison/Ryan do. Joshuah/Sharon will vote out Matt/Natalie unless they hear the other two couples are voting Alex/Amanda out.


Anonymous said...

Just a theory.

The Show is called "til death do you part". The clue regarding the Hudson River Virus could have something to do with the "puzzle" that James has been talking about.

I'm guessing this Virus or Puzzle is linked to them becoming independent players and therefore tying in "til death do you part".

Just a guess and thought I'd throw it out there...

Anonymous said...

The Hudson River virus is something from the show Jerico which came on immediately after Big Brother... has nothing to do with Big Brother.