Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2/26 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Alex/Amanda or Matt/Natalie from eviction? Let's find out!

Amanda was not surprised by her nomination. Alex repeated that he was nominated because of Amanda. Matt is not happy with James since he went against his word. He plans on targeting James now. James doesn't feel bad about lying to Matt. Chelsia knows that she and James will be nominated next week. Matt/Natalie know they have to win PoV this week. Amanda told Alex to keep a postitive attitude, and Alex told her that he is only negative because of her. Allison loves not being nominated this week. Amanda and Sheila don't like how Allison has changed now that she isn't nominated anymore. Sheila feels that Allison isn't her friend anymore and was just being nice to her for a vote. James thinks that Alex and Matt are afraid of him now that he has targeted them. Alex plans on getting revenge if he stays this week.

Sheila confronted Allison about her changing. Allison claims that she isn't mad at Sheila and doesn't think she has changed at all. She says that she has been trying to get closer to Ryan since Jen isn't in the house anymore. Chelsia/James chose Joshuah/Sharon to play for PoV this week. They also chose Adam to host the affair. Matt told Alex that one of them need to win PoV this week. He says that he cannot stand Chelsia/James and wants to turn the game around. Time for the PoV competition! The backyard had been turned into an electrical field! It was also raining during the competition. For the competition, the HG had to connect a large electrical circuit using cables scattered throughout the yard. The HG who could connect their circuit the quickest would win the PoV! The winners of the competition would not only win the PoV but also information from the outside world. The competition was extremely close between Alex/Amanda and Joshuah/Sharon, but Joshuah/Sharon won by just a few seconds. The HG were informed about the presidential race, Britney Spears regaining access to her children, and about the "Hudson River virus," which alluded to the TV show Jericho. @@

Sheila is still upset with Allison ignoring her lately. She vented to Natalie about it while Joshuah listened in the other bedroom. Sheila then went on to Matt, who thinks that Sheila has mental problems. Sharon overheard and informed some of the other HG, including Allison. Allison was shocked that Sheila was talking about her behind her back. Ryan was aggravated by the whole situation. Allison confronted Sheila again. Sheila says that Allison owes her and Adam so much since they got her the votes to stay last week. Allison seemed dumbfounded by Sheila's attacks, and Sheila continued to go on, saying that even though Allison has a higher education than her, she doesn't need to degrade her. Ryan had enough and joined in the argument. Even Adam was defending Allison. Alex/Amanda were thrilled that other couples were becoming the bigger target.

Allison doesn't understand why Sheila was so quick to turn on her before approaching her about her problem first. Sharon thinks that everyone on slop has been getting cranky. Allison thought she was having an allergic reaction so she checked into the DR to see what was wrong. Amanda then said that she was hypoglycemic and needed sugar as soon as possible. Since she is on slop this week, she hasn't been eating, thus not getting any form of sugar. Moments later, she fainted and started to hallucinate. The BB nurse raced out of the DR with Allison to tend to Amanda. She was then shipped off to the emergency room because of her hallucinations. The house was in a state of shock.

Natalie says that it really hit her when Allison and Amanda got sick since she has gotten so close to both of them. Joshuah felt horrible for the things he has said to Amanda and really hoped she returned to the house. Alex felt the same way. The house was very impressed with the way James helped Amanda during her blackout. Matt saw Allison went he went for the nurse and said that her entire face had swelled. Sheila would have never forgave herself if something had happened to Sheila. When Amanda returned, everyone embraced her. She was told to eat some peanut butter. She was moved by how much everyone cared about her. Allison returned a while later and received the same embrace. Allison says that the recent emergency needs to make everyone act differently toward each other. Sheila now realizes that this is just a game and needs to put her personal feelings aside. Time for the PoV ceremony! Joshuah says that he could gain an ally by saving one of the couples. Sheila still doesn't feel safe in the house because of her fight with Allison. Matt is nervous because he and Natalie are the strongest couple. Alex doesn't expect the PoV to be used. Joshuah/Sharon decided not to use the PoV. Matt hates being nominated next to Alex. Amanda says that going to the hospital is not going to ruin her.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out tomorrow!

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Amanda wasn't hallucinating, she was having a seizure.