Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2/25-26 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-3:00 AM

Matt told James that he is not his biggest target. He knows that Joshuah/Sharon have been starting rumors about him. He also trusts Adam more than Sheila. James says that he knows he will be targeted next week, but he would rather be nominated than backdoored so he has a chance at the PoV. Matt thinks that he will be evicted this week. Or does he? He told Natalie to leave the strategizing to him, and he thinks that they will be safe this week thanks to Allison.

Chelsia doesn't like how much Allison strategizes. Joshuah trusts Chelsia/James more than Sharon. Matt told Amanda that he wasn't sure about the vote this week. Amanda isn't sure either. Neither of them are looking forward to the last two days. Matt told Adam that either Adam/Sheila, Allison/Ryan, or Matt/Natalie needs to win HoH next week and target Joshuah/Sharon. Matt wants to go off on Joshuah if he wins HoH next week.

Other than that, the HG spent the evening painting using nail polish, playing a makeshift game of bowling, and even playing with the condoms in the house. Matt finally gave Natalie the massage she's been wanting. It seems that Alex/Amanda will be voted out by a 2-1 vote, which Joshuah/Sharon being the only vote to save them. We'll see what happens! Natalie was the last one asleep at around 2:45 AM. All HG are asleep as I post this.

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