Monday, February 25, 2008

2/25 Live Feeds: 2:00-8:00 PM

Allison told Matt that Chelsia/James are aligned with Joshuah/Sharon. She wants to form an alliance containing Adam/Sheila, Allison/Ryan, and Matt/Natalie. She told Matt that she will talk to Ryan about it before confirming anything. She told Chelsia/James that she is nervous about Alex/Amanda staying because they could easily win HoH next week and target her. Chelsia thinks the next HoH competition will be physical, and Alex/Amanda will be too weak to compete from being on slop. Allison says that she still needs to talk to Ryan about the vote.

James thinks that Allison made a deal with Matt/Natalie to keep them this week. He told Joshuah to try to get it out of Allison. Allison seems to be with Matt/Natalie now since she told Natalie all about her conversation with Chelsia/James. She told Ryan about her plan, and Ryan said that he would think about it. He feels bad because Chelsia/James and Joshuah/Sharon voted to keep him last week. Allison and Matt made a pact to have their couples make the final two. They agree that Joshuah/Sharon are running the game and want them out next week.

Amanda promised not to nominate Allison/Ryan if she wins HoH next week. Ryan is still torn and says that it would be safer to keep Alex/Amanda this week. Joshuah now hates Allison more than Amanda. Sheila says that she cannot sleep at night because she is always thinking about the game. Sharon says that the only couple she/Joshuah can beat in the end is Chelsia/James.

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Questions BB Fans.....was I dreaming or did Natalie squirt milk out of her boobs the other night on BB after dark??? hhhmmm....