Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2/27 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Joshuah wants the strongest couples to be broken up this week. James is still for getting Alex/Amanda out this week. Alex won't campaign against Matt, but Matt says that he will do what he needs to stay this week. Amanda has been told to eat five times a day following her collapse since her blood sugar is still pretty low. Adam and Matt made a pact to go to the finals with each other. Allison realized that Matt/Natalie are stronger than Alex/Amanda and wants to vote them out now. Adam said that he would still be voting Matt/Natalie to stay regardless. James seemed fine with voting Matt/Natalie out this week and saving Alex/Amanda for next week. Natalie told Joshuah/Sharon that she would keep them next week if they voted for her to stay.

BB talked with Chelsia/James' friends about their blooming relationship. James' friend Brian says that he is as crazy as he looks. Chelsia's friend Jenny thinks that James is perfect for Chelsia since he is as fun as she is. She thinks that Chelsia/James are playing the game perfectly and deserve to win. Time to talk with them! James knew that the best thing for the house was to nominate Matt, which is why he went against his word to him. Chelsia doesn't have any regrets about their decisions this week. James says that he really hates most of the people in the house and hopes that they become less materialistic.

Time for the live voting! The votes are as follows: Adam/Sheila - Alex/Amanda, Joshuah/Sharon - Alex/Amanda, and Allison/Ryan - Alex/Amanda. By a unanimous vote, Alex/Amanda have been evicted from the BB house. Alex takes more of the blame than Amanda for their eviction since he did not want to campaign this week. Amanda tried to get Alex to campaign, but she thought that people would respect him staying true to his word.

Time for the HoH competition! The competition entailed questions about the love quotes in the house. Julie would say a quote, and the HouseGuests had to say who the quote was by. If a HouseGuest answered a question correctly, they got to eliminate another HouseGuest. The competition took place in two rounds. In round one, the females answered questions. Sharon got all three questions right, thus winning round one. In round two, the males answered questions. Ryan answered the first question incorrectly, thus eliminating himself. Joshuah then answered the next two questions correctly. Therefore, Joshuah/Sharon have won HoH! They were a little too excited about their win.

Who will Joshuah/Sharon nominate? Find out Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Does BB provide any sunscreen? Josh looked horrible! He was so cute!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else hear Julie at the end of the show say "Stay tuned, the evicted houseguests are in for a surprise."

I need to know!?!!?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:13
Julie did say that. I bet There is going to be some kind of twist. I also think it's going to be more than just the jury house.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a clip of the end of the show and Julie said that the house guests that are evicted next Wednesday will get a big surprize that no one will see comingand that it will start a new chapter in BB.