Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2/26 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-6:00 PM

BB woke the HG up at around 9:15 AM this morning. Natalie had talked last night about having two abortions in the past, which Joshuah found disturbing. Ryan told Chelsia that he is still undecided on his vote. He and Allison confronted her about being aligned with Joshuah/Sharon. Chelsia mainly listened to what they had to say and acted like she hasn't made an official alliance with anyone yet. Allison/Ryan says that they will still not nominate Chelsia/James if they win HoH next week. Chelsia reported this back to James and is nervous about the vote this week. James told her that if she continues to worry about the game, then she won't do well in competitions.

Natalie told Joshuah that if she stays this week, her main target will be Chelsia/James. If she doesn't win HoH, she knows she will be nominated again next week. Allison had a long talk with James going back and forth about the vote. Allison says that even though she doesn't trust Alex/Amanda, voting out Matt/Natalie is the better move strategically. James now isn't sure about voting out Matt/Natalie because he feels bad about breaking his word to Matt. After a while, James finally says that he feels more comfortable with Alex/Amanda staying this week. Allison says that she won't say anything about the vote until after she talks with Ryan about it.

Joshuah is nervous that Alex/Amanda will be evicted this week, and he doesn't understand why they aren't campaigning to stay in the house. He informs Alex of this, and Alex agrees to campaign more today. Joshuah has been pretty frantic this afternoon, so Sharon has been trying to calm him down to avoid another fight. Amanda is now hiding behind the refrigerator in the storage room to spy on the other HG. Don't forget about tonight's show! It should entail the PoV competition and ceremony. I'll have the recap at around 10:30 PM, as I will be watching it after American Idol tonight.

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