Sunday, February 24, 2008

2/24 Live Feeds: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

The girls are required to wear their bikinis all day today. Joshuah told Amanda that the vote would be unanimous for her to stay this week. Sheila apologized to Allison about saying that everyone in the house hated her. Allison understands and knows that Sheila was really stressed out. Natalie thinks that she will be evicted this week but wants to stay so that she can win at least one HoH competition. Sheila told Joshuah that she promised Matt/Natalie that she would vote to keep them this week, but not until after Joshuah forced it out of her. Joshuah really wants Adam/Sheila out next week.

Natalie promised Sharon that she will not nominate her if she wins HoH next week if Sharon votes to keep her this week. Natalie really wants to stay just one more week and claims that she and Matt are friends now. That's about it for this afternoon. Don't forget about the show tonight, which airs shortly here on the east coast. It should entail the food competition as well as Chelsia/James' nominations. I'll have the recap of it up at around 9:00 PM.

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