Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3/4-5 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-3:00 AM

Allison overheard Chelsia tell Sheila that she would let her "borrow" something to wear for the show tomorrow, so she is sure that Chelsia is voting Allison/Ryan out. She told Matt this, and Matt told her that he would be voting Adam/Sheila out. Allison believes that even if she is evicted, then she will be returning to the house. Allison also thinks that the eviction might not happen this week because presidential debates are blocking out TV. Allison and Sheila are upset that the voting couples are not revealing who they are voting out. Natalie says that she doesn't want drama tonight, which is why she is keeping quiet.

Sheila thinks that when the siren sounds, something will happen that will tear the couples apart, hence the "Til Death do You Part" name of the game. Allison still thinks that Matt will vote Adam/Sheila out, so she wants him to tell Chelsia/James so they can do the same. Matt doesn't care how Chelsia/James vote because he is targeting them next week. Allison still pressed him on his vote, so he started to argue with her. He told her that she is getting herself evicted by continuing to annoy HG about their vote.

Joshuah is very worried about the siren going off tonight. He thinks the eviction will go as planned this week, but he is worried about another couple returning to the house. BB took the spy TV remote out of the HoH bedroom, which also freaked Joshuah out. Natalie made quite a few notes about the game on a napkin using nail polish. She showed this to Matt, and the two studied for a while. Sharon accidentally broke the picture of her and Jacob she received this week. She seemed freaked out by it, since she broke that one of all the ones she received. James has just gone to bed, and all HG are still asleep as I post this.

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