Thursday, March 6, 2008

3/6 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-2:00 PM

BB woke the HG up a little after 8:30 AM this morning. BB forgot to turn off the feeds for the food competition, so we got to see a little taste of it. The HG had to slide into a small pool and grab letters to spell out various foods. One team contained Chelsia, Joshuah, Sharon, and Sheila. The other team had Adam, James, Matt, and Natalie. The team who spelled the most foods won food for the week, while the losers were on slop. Adam, James, Matt, and Natalie won the competition.

Matt thinks that Joshuah and either Sharon or Sheila will be nominated. Ryan said that Adam, James, and Matt would be safe this week. Ryan now wants to nominate Sharon and Sheila. Ryan doesn't feel threatened by Joshuah, but Matt tried to convince him otherwise, saying that if Joshuah wins PoV, he would take Sharon off, and both of them would be safe. James suggested nominating Chelsia as a pawn to get Sharon out. (The guys seem to want Sharon out this week.) Ryan is nervous about nominating Chelsia because he doesn't want her to be evicted.

Ryan told Chelsia that she would probably be nominated as a pawn. She wasn't happy with it but knows that they are playing a game and would be fine with it. So, it looks like Chelsia and Sharon will be nominated later today. I'll have the scoop once the nominations ceremony occurs later tonight.

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