Sunday, March 2, 2008

3/2 Show Recap

Who will Joshuah/Sharon nominate? Let's find out!

Matt called Alex/Amanda's eviction bittersweet since he didn't want to see them go, but he was glad to stay. James was thrilled that "Operation Condor" was successful. It was revealed that Joshuah/Sharon were told just one hour before eviction to vote Alex/Amanda out. Sharon was very upset to see Alex/Amanda evicted. Joshuah was very offended about Allison lying about being a lesbian and then changing her vote about the eviction this week. He pumped Sharon up by telling her to beat Allison. Allison overheard, so Ryan pumped her up, telling her not to listen to them. Joshuah/Sharon were thrilled to win HoH. James was also happy because he trusts them totally. Allison was not too happy, especially since they rubbed it in everyone's face. Joshuah got in Allison's face, saying that he will make Allison's life Hell this week. Ryan thinks that Joshuah is psychotic because this is the second time he has exploded on someone. Allison told Matt that she is the reason he is still in the house. She then broke down, saying that everyone has been attacking her since the beginning. Ryan tried to comfort her, saying that Joshuah wants to break her down.

Allison blamed Matt and Ryan for not sticking up for her. Time to see Joshuah/Sharon's HoH bedroom! Sharon was thrilled to be able to strategize in private. Allison went to bed while everyone else saw the bedroom. Sharon was thrilled to see her family since she has never been away from them for this long. Unfortunately, BB gave her a picture of her and Jacob, which angered her. Joshuah received his "Princess of the Day" tiara from his job, which made Chelsia and Matt chuckle. Joshuah is still upset about Allison's lesbian lie. Sheila claims that she was just joking, but Allison was acting serious about it. Ryan could not make any sense about the lie. He confronted Allison about it, but she didn't care about it and claimed it was Sheila's idea.

Matt/Natalie finally kissed. Natalie is still confused as to why Matt doesn't like to spend time with her. Time for the food competition! Adam/Sheila do not want to be on slop for two weeks in a row. The males of the house dressed in overalls, while the females dressed in asparagus outfits. The males had to guess how much their female partner weighs by putting the respective amount of asparagus in a large basket. Each couple would be responsible for a food group. If a male guessed their partner's weight correctly, then the house would earn a certain food group for the week. Chelsia weighs 117, and James guessed 113, thus winning beverages and snacks. Sheila weighs 131, and Adam guessed 140, thus winning veggies and fruits. Natalie weighs 116, and Matt guessed 99, thus failing to win carbs and feasts. Allison weighs 120, and Ryan guessed 110, thus winning meats and cheese.

Natalie painted a picture of Joshuah with nail polish. Sheila thinks that Allison is hypocritical because she keeps trying to fight with Joshuah even when he has dropped the situation. Sharon told Joshuah to stop provoking Allison. She told him to gather everyone except Allison/Ryan in the HoH bedroom for a meeting. Joshuah announced that he will not talk to Allison anymore and wants her out this week. Everyone agreed and told him to nominate her instead of backdooring her. Matt doesn't want to be the pawn to get Allison out though. Allison wants to try and settle things with Joshuah. Joshuah told her that he is mainly mad at her for starting a lie about her being a lesbian. Allison had no idea that Joshuah would take that personally. Allison said that she would do whatever Joshuah/Sharon want if they keep her this week, but they seemed to be ignoring her.

Time for the nominations ceremony! Allison thinks that she will be nominated this week. Adam knows that Allison/Ryan are the target but is worried about being a pawn. Matt is also nervous because he is one of the better competitors in the game. James is also worried since being HoH last week made him a pretty big target. Joshuah wants to put an end to all the manipulating going on in the house. Order of keys: Adam/Sheila and Chelsia/James, leaving Allison/Ryan and Matt/Natalie nominated for eviction. Sharon feels that those are the two strongest couples in the house. Matt was upset about being nominated for the second week in a row. Ryan says that it is Allison's fault for his nomination. Allison wants to win PoV and turn Joshuah's plan around. Joshuah cannot wait to send Allison home this week.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Allison/Ryan or Matt/Natalie from eviction? Find out Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

The nailpolish thing was last week, when alex and amanda were in the house... i think they just showed that on this episode... idn why tho.. but on after dark... alex was next to nat when she was makin the nailpolish pic of josh. they just didnt show alex next to her on the show cuz he was voted out already, i wonder if big brother uses alot of footage from a week before on current episodes

Anonymous said...

yea they do that all the time.

Does any one else dislike Allison as much as I do???? I can't wait to see her out the door! And I can't stand Ryan either--annoying

Anonymous said...

To tell the truth I don’t really think this season is as fun to watch compare with the previous season, this season there aren’t many surprises, not much game play really going on, we can all kind of guess who is going up and who is going home already, not much drama, after a while just matter of time who win the game, I wish they are more back stab, lies, and more game play.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see the promos about Ryan "liking" Allison and wanting to kiss her????
From everything I have seen and read --Ryan is far froming asking her to kiss him and him saying he thinks "she is the one" for him

Samantha said...

I saw the commercial where Ryan was in the DR saying how Allison is so his type and blah blah...I think that was all kinds of twisted, he was probably talking about Jen, haha.

Anyway, I agree that this season is not fun to watch. I dunno what it is, but all the other seasons were so addicting, this time I don't even care if I miss it, and I barely even come here to check the blog - last season I was on this site like 17 times a day.

Anonymous said...

Boring show this year!!!!