Sunday, November 11, 2007


By Sysop
November 9, 2007

In a conversation today with Robyn Kass of Kassting Inc the primary casting agency for Big Brother, it was confirmed that Big Brother will commence in February.

They are very busy at casting the show as I write this and Robyn asked me to pass on the word to get your applications in or contact her at her website, .

I asked Robyn during our conversation if the Big Brother rumors were speculation or was there a basis in fact? Robyn replied "We are casting with the thought in mind that the house guests would move into the house during the first week of February.

I can not quote on the following, but my feelings are it will be a normal Big Brother, not a Celebrity Big Brother and it is a strong possiblility that the summer Big Brother will also take place.,16514.0.html


Anonymous said...

still copying from other sights? if u cover the show make it ur own stuff this season plz

ur own screencaps ur own reports maybe u need to actully get the feeds and watch them this season

pouringOver said...

Thanks for the update on BB9. Who cares what anonymous7:58pm said... As long as your passing on the info thats all that matters...

And as far as posting other site info he put the link to the info on his post...thats not 'copying' thats called passing along the info.

Maybe you have all day to search for updates...I appreciate being able to go to ONE site and get a collection of available info.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Whoooooooo-hoooooooooooo....can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it is great to know that you are still here and are passing along information, no matter where it comes from. And I am glad to know you are here and I hope that you will continue to be here!! Thanks!! See ya for Season 9!! WHEWWW!!

carolyn springs said...

Looks like the big brother withdrawals won't be for too long..... Big Brother 9 is confirmed to start on February. Check out this application video . apparently Allison Grodner has stated that BB9 will start early due to the writers strikes.

tickles said...

Without Dick Donato in the house I fear this season and the others to follow will be very boring. Dick has been just about the most interesting character on TV this year. I really miss his antics!
Maybe they could get Janelle and Dick to host the show instead of Julie Chen.
I miss Dick Donato!

Anonymous said...

They should do a BB reality all star...add Rob and Amber and that Couple that fights all the time from the Amazing Race, Jonathan and Victoria, Dick and Danielle, Will and Mike....Then after dark would really be interesting to watch!!

lucinda said...

It's great to have you back. Don't listen to anonymous. If he (or she) doesn't like the site why visit? I personally enjoy the synopsis everyday. It saves valuable time, rather than hopping from site to site and reading minute details on all the other sites. I only hope the the occupants are half as unique as the last occupants of the BB house. Can't wait. Keep up the good work.

uneedleme said...

Yeah! BB9 starts Feb. 12th
Love this site--already have it in my favs