Sunday, April 27, 2008

4/27 Show Recap

Who will win BB9? Let's find out!

First off all, Julie announced that America will get to vote for their favorite juror to win $25,000. Go to to vote. Let's check in on the jury! They were trashing Sheila when she arrived at the jury house. Sheila knew that Adam threw the HoH competition so Ryan could evict her instead of Adam. She tried to convince the jury to vote for Ryan since Adam betrayed her. Joshuah liked Ryan more since he won more competitions and had to win in order to stay in the game while Adam floated along. Sheila agreed, but Sharon thought that Adam carried Ryan instead of the other way around. Natalie also liked Ryan more since he aligned with the whole house without any of them knowing it.

Time for the questioning! This is a summarized version of the questioning.

Matt: What are you going to do with the money?
Adam: I will give it to after-school programs for children, start a business, and probably buy a new car.
Ryan: I will help my mom out and do something nice for me and Jen as well as possibly put some money into a charity.

Sharon: Ryan, why did you try to make me think I was safe when you wanted Adam to evict me?
Ryan: I wanted you to stay, and Adam made a last-minute decision to evict you.

Chelsia: Ryan, why would I give you $500,000 when you want to help Jen after she called you a racist?
Ryan: I know that Jen doesn't hate me, and I still love her to death.

Joshuah: Adam, why should I vote for you when Ryan tried harder in competitions?
Adam: I threw part one, but I did not throw the other two parts.

James: Adam, what makes you a better competitor than Ryan, and why should you be in the finals over Sheila?
Adam: I overcame diversity in the beginning of the game and am playing for a better cause.

Natalie: Why didn't you take me to the final three?
Adam: I had to respect the wishes of the HoH.
Ryan: Voting you out was the hardest decision for me to make.

Sheila: Adam, why did you lie to my face and told me that you were going to take me to the finals?
Adam: We got to the final three, but there was nothing else I could have done to bring you to the finals.

When the first six evicted HG returned, a few things about the game were cleared up. Julie asked Matt if he would like to say anything to Natalie (regarding the blow jobs), so he apologized for anything that she will see after the show. Allison and Jen still dislike each other since they both wanted to be with Ryan. Ryan was informed about Adam telling Natalie that he voted to keep her, and Adam was informed of Joshuah faking a breakdown while being on slop.

Time to reveal the votes! Matt - Adam, Natalie - Adam, Joshuah - Ryan, Sharon - Adam, Sheila - Adam, Chelsia - Adam, and James - Adam. By a vote of 6-1, Adam has won BB9!

As for America's favorite juror, Sheila came in second place, and James won the $25,000!

BB10 starts July 13!

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