Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be evicted? Let's find out!

Dan wanted to win part 1 in order to earn a spot in part 3. Jerry wants to win part 1 in order to prove to Memphis that he can win competitions to save their alliance. Jerry claims that this was the first week that the HG kept their word to him. Memphis evicted Keesha because he and Dan felt that they had a better chance at winning against Jerry in the final HoH competition. Following Keesha's eviction, Dan told Keesha that he took Michelle on the trip with him, and he wanted her to get Renny's vote for him as well.

Dan staged a "fight" with Memphis following Keesha's eviction in order to make Jerry believe that Dan did not know that Memphis would evict Keesha. The fight worked because Jerry believed that Dan and Memphis were now against each other and that both of them would take Jerry to the finals just to spite each other. Jerry didn't last long in part 1, falling in just the first few minutes. Memphis was glad that he and Dan outlasted Jerry in part 1.

Dan and Memphis planned for Memphis to drop next, giving Dan the part 1 win. Dan continued to fight with Memphis during part 1, almost making it obvious that he was faking the fighting. Memphis continued to compete in the competition well after Jerry fell, making Dan nervous that Memphis would end up winning. Memphis wanted to hang in to make Jerry believe that he actually tried to win. After almost an hour, Memphis finally fell, giving Dan the part 1 win!

Following Dan's win, Jerry was nervous that only he or Memphis would compete in the finals instead of both. Dan hopes that Jerry will throw part 2 to Memphis so regardless of who wins part 3, Dan and Memphis will make the finals. Jerry is surprised that he has finally found a friend in the house in Memphis after being alone until this week. Dan wants Memphis to win part 2 because Jerry might win the trivial part 3.

Time for part 2! Dan walked out with boxing gear, making Jerry nervous that he was going to have to box Memphis, most certainly resulting in his death. Memphis knows that he needs to win this competition in order to solidify he and Dan making the finals. Jerry wants to win in order to have a chance at winning the final HoH competition.

For the competition, 10 cut-outs of this season's HG were set up in front of the HG. HG had to knock down everyone but the HoH and two nominees for each week. Each round was a week, and once the HG knocked down the correct cut-outs, they would do the same for the next week. The HG who completed the competition in the fastest time would win part 2. Results (in time): Jerry - 51:22 and Memphis - 8:35.

Jerry was shocked at how poorly he did. Dan could not believe how badly Memphis beat Jerry. Following Memphis' win, Dan and Memphis celebrated. Dan still wants to win part 3 in order to win his 3rd HoH, which is more than any other HG, so Dan could use that to convince the jury to vote for him to win. Memphis wants to win part 3 so that he can finally win an HoH competition.

Let's check in on the jury! Renny hates being in the jury house but has been trying to be a good sport about it. Michelle can't wait to reveal to the evicted HG that she was taken on a luxury competition. The jurors have been rooting for Jerry. April was excited to see Keesha to know that she was out of the running to win the game. When Michelle learned that Dan told Keesha about taking her on the trip following her eviction, she realized that Dan has been playing to win.

April thinks that Dan and Memphis are trying to take Jerry to the finals because he would be easy to beat, but she plans on voting for Jerry to win if he makes the finals. Renny knew that Memphis was playing Keesha all along. Keesha also realizes how good of a player Dan is because she knows that he was trying to get her vote through last week's events.

Time for part 3! As usual, Julie read a series of quotes said by the jurors. HG had to finish the quotes, and they would earn a point if they did so correctly. The HG with the most points at the end of the competition would win the final HoH competition! Results: Dan - 4 and Memphis - 2, making Dan the final HoH!

Dan voted to evict Jerry from the BB house.

It's America's Vote! Which juror should win a $25,000 prize? Text or go to for free voting.

Tune in Sunday for a special episode containing never-before-seen footage!


Anonymous said...

Dan Has Played This Game From Day 1. I Am A True Fan And I Watch Dan Play The Game How It Is Ment To Be Played. GO DAN!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree ANON 310. Dan has been the one that has played the game from day 1.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well! Dan totally deserves to win! I hope Renny wins the fan favorite!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for Memphis, he will win $50K and a car, but Dan has this in the bag! The jury is starting to piece things together it seems, and gets how Dan has been playing them all from day 1.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Keesha as Favorite Juror!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Keesha too. Renny has a beauty shop and doesn't really need it and Keesha got so screwed over by Memphis she deserves it this year in my opinion!

Sonia said...

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jsalexandra said...

Dan the smartest player of all is good at playing games so good.It was good to watch big brother and Dan in particular playing those mind games.I think this blog is fantastic and gives some useful bb info.