Tuesday, September 9, 2008

9/9 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Who will be evicted? Let's find out!

Dan nominated Memphis to continue to cover his alliance with Memphis. Memphis hopes that he can win the PoV, so that he and Dan can control who is evicted. Keesha hopes that Dan wants her safe this week since he did not nominate her. Jerry still thinks that Dan and Keesha are aligned, so he needs to ensure that she is evicted. Memphis really hopes that things work out for him this week.

Since Memphis has gotten close to Jerry, Dan has been getting close to Keesha, so regardless of who wins the PoV, Dan and Memphis can influence the eviction decision this week. Dan needs Memphis to win the PoV in order to ensure his safety though.

Dan hopes that he can sway Michelle in his favor by going on a trip with her. Dan traveled to his destination on a private helicopter that flew over Hollywood. Dan is concerned about whether or not Michelle will forgive Dan for sealing her eviction. Michelle was shocked that Dan chose her to go on the trip with him. Dan told Michelle that he chose her to go with him since her Hawaiian trip was stolen from her by Libra.

Dan and Michelle ate a nice meal together while on the beach. Dan told Michelle that Keesha, Memphis, and Renny all knew that she was going to be backdoored. Michelle was surprised that they all lied to her prior to the PoV ceremony. Michelle doesn't think that Dan has a good chance at winning the game, but she will try to sway the votes in his favor if he is next to Memphis. The two then took a swim together.

Time for the PoV competition! A ten-step staircase laid in front of each HG. On each stair, two clues were listed that corresponded to the name of a HG. If they correctly matched the HG with the two clues, they would then move on to the next stair. The HG to complete their staircase would win the PoV!

While Jerry and Keesha know that they must win the PoV in order to survive, Dan plans on throwing the competition once again. For throwing the competition, Dan was moving pretty fast. When he was getting closer to the top of the staircase, Dan noticed that Memphis was also close to the top. Therefore, Dan slowed down in hope of Memphis winning the competition. Dan's wish came true because Memphis won the PoV!

Memphis is thrilled that he has the sole vote this week. Jerry hopes that he can rely on Memphis to keep him in the game. Keesha feels horrible that she has lost another competition and hopes that Memphis keeps his word to her. Dan and Memphis celebrated following Memphis' PoV win. Dan isn't sure who he would rather bring to the final three: Jerry or Keesha. Memphis thinks that Jerry would be easier to beat in the final HoH competition. However, Memphis told Keesha that she would be safe this week.

Keesha would hate to be evicted this close to being in the finals. Keesha really thinks that she will be evicted, so she confronted Dan and Memphis about it. Memphis started laughing when Keesha approached him, further proving Keesha's suspicion. Keesha told Memphis that if she votes her out, she will make sure that he doesn't win the game.

Keesha then asked Memphis why he would evict her, and all he could tell her was that he was sorry. Keesha then got very upset that Dan and Memphis knew that Keesha would be evicted, but yet they failed to tell her beforehand. Keesha cannot believe that Memphis would keep Jerry after all the fights they have had. Keesha knows that she should have won the PoV, but she would have kept Memphis had she won.

Keesha cannot believe that Memphis would turn on her after all that they have been through. Memphis knows that his eviction decision could cost him the game. Keesha told Dan that she will vote for him to win the game because she will not vote for someone who voted her out. Julie revealed to the HG that Jessie was the person in the gorilla suit.

Memphis decided to save himself with the PoV. Keesha was nominated in his place by default. Memphis voted to evict Keesha from the BB house. Dan whispered to Keesha that he took Michelle on the trip with him. Dan also gave her one of the rubber duckies from the bathroom with the word "hot" under it.

Time for the HoH competition! As usual, the final HoH competition will be played in three parts. Part 1 is endurance, part 2 is physical, and part 3 is trivial. The winners of the first two parts will face off in part 3, which will be held live on Thursday. For part 1, HG had to stand atop an airplane and keep their balance because the airplanes were in the air. The last HG standing would win part 1!

Who will win HoH? Who will be evicted? Find out Thursday!


Anonymous said...

dan and memphis can go to h*ll!!I hope Jerry wins it all Dan doesnt look who stuck by him hes tryin to win jury vote with Kiesha in JH I know this is BB but when is someone going to stick to thier word.........i know as a woman i will never align myself with any men this happened to Natalie to off bb9 with Ryan and Adam.....

Anonymous said...

I really liked Keesha, and it would have been nice to see her in the final 3 but I have to say that Dan has been the one that has played the best game strategically. He's played the game every minute he's awake. He does nothing by chance..He's already thinking three steps ahead whnever he makes a move. Say what you will, but whether he wins it all or not, Dan's the Man of BB10.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you 10:18

Dan is the man of bb10!