Sunday, September 7, 2008

9/7 Show Recap

Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Keesha struggled to see Renny evicted. Jerry's HoH was successful because he kept himself safe, but he failed to get Dan evicted. Memphis succeeded in his plan to evict Renny. Dan voted Renny out because she would win the game had she made the finals. Keesha thinks that Renny deserved to win the game.

Dan cannot believe that he has made the final three. Memphis is happy that Dan won HoH but knows that Dan nominated him the last time he won HoH, so he might do it again this week. Keesha is concerned about her safety with Dan winning HoH. Jerry believes that the house is once again against him, so he needs to split up the other three HG.

Keesha could not believe how big the sumo wrestler was. She was frustrated by not knowing what he was saying either. Memphis didn't know how to react to the unexpected visitor. When the sumo wrestler stood up, Dan noticed that an envelope lied beneath him. Dan was afraid to grab it for fear of getting hurt by the wrestler, but he finally snatched it right before the wrestler sat down again. Dan opened the envelope and revealed that a luxury competition would be played this week.

Keesha feels really alone in the game without Renny. Keesha thinks that she can outlast the other three HG though, even without Renny. Jerry will do anything to stay in the game and will align with anyone. Memphis doesn't know if he would rather take Jerry or Keesha to the final three.

Memphis wants a pet in the house, so he has decided to adopt a spider named Ted he found in the backyard. Memphis then found a moth and threw it into the web for Ted to eat. Keesha was really upset that Memphis killed the moth. As a biology teacher, Dan was enthralled by seeing the spider eat the moth. In his HoH bedroom, Dan received many pictures of his girlfriend Monica and his family. Jerry noticed that Dan was a lot fatter in high school, so he pointed that out to Dan. Dan also received a letter from his family.

Gorilla in the house! Someone in a gorilla outfit has entered the house, and that someone was Jessie! Jessie woke the HG up, which really confused everyone. Dan thinks that the gorilla has something to do with the luxury competition. Jessie led the HG outside where more odd objects were.

All these objects were related to a luxury competition. The objects were all clues to a phrase that the HG had to solve. However, some of the objects didn't relate to the phrase, and they would be covered up as the time went on. The HG could guess the phrase three times in three hours. The HG who correctly guessed the phrase would win a trip outside the house that could impact the game. While the HG were pondering, Jessie was imitating the HG, which distracted them.

Jerry was the first to guess. He noticed the large ear in the backyard, so he guessed "Hear no evil, speak no evil." Keesha saw a sleeping dog, so she guessed "Where the sleeping dogs lie." Jessie covered up the ear, so Jerry knew that his guess was wrong. Therefore, Jerry guessed "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" because he noticed the diamond and the female doing yoga. Keesha noticed a huge blueberry next to the word "it," so she guessed "Blew it."

Dan planned on waiting to guess until he knew for a fact what the phrase was. Jerry used his last guess by guessing "A dog is a man's best friend." Memphis still had no idea what the phrase was. Keesha used her last guess by saying "Don't count your chickens before the eggs hatch" because of the cracked egg. Dan finally guessed "Bury the hatchet" by noticing that the blueberry and the hatched egg with the word "it" on it were the only two items not covered up. Memphis guessed "Fruitless exit" by noticing the same two items.

When the HG returned inside, they noticed a gorilla hand under Jessie's picture, so they figured that Jessie was the person in the gorilla outfit. Keesha hoped that she did enough to win the luxury competition. However, the winner was Dan! His guess "Bury the hatchet" was correct. Dan won a private helicopter trip to a remote beach for a day. He could choose one of the current HG or a juror. Dan decided to take Michelle with him since she has already had a trip stolen from her.

Dan informed the HG about his trip and that he could have chosen to take a HG with him if he would like. He told them that he decided to go alone in order to avoid creating tension in the house. Dan didn't tell the HG that he could have taken a juror because he didn't want the HG to think that he was trying to earn a vote. Keesha agreed with Dan's decision to not take anyone. Jerry is confused as to why Dan didn't take Memphis, so he thinks that something is up with Dan's trip.

Dan and Memphis think that it might be best to nominate Memphis to hide their alliance once again. Dan knows that nominating Memphis is a risk, but he doesn't want Jerry or Keesha think that he and Memphis have an alliance, so nominating him might be the best thing to do.

Memphis thinks that he will be nominated, but he trusts Dan. Jerry still feels alone in the house, so he is sure that he will be nominated. Keesha is worried about being nominated because she knows how close Dan and Memphis are. Dan plans on ensuring that he and Memphis make the finals, and his nominations are reflective of that. Dan decided to keep Keesha safe, making Jerry and Memphis nominated for eviction.

Dan said that the nominations really do not matter because the PoV winner decides who is evicted. Jerry was surprised that Memphis was nominated since he thought Dan and Memphis were aligned; therefore, he plans on convincing Memphis that he cannot trust Dan because he nominated him. Keesha is happy that Dan chose to keep her safe this week. Dan is thrilled that he has won both HoH and a luxury this week.

Who will win PoV? Who will be evicted? Find out Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be neat if they brought Michelle back into the house because Dan selected her? This season has been pretty lame, there have been no exciting twist this year, they really need to do something to save the season. I realize she would prabably be right back out the door, but it would show what a deceictful, unworthy person Dan is.

Anonymous said...

as soon as Jerry gets to the JH, he's going to figure out that Dan picked Manchelle and the 3rd left in the alliance is going to know the truth, also!
He shouldn't lie, it will get him back!!

Anonymous said...

You know, 11:04 - Dan played the game, and played it GOOD! He wasn't evil like Dick nor as cocky as Dr. Will.
He deserves to win and if the JH judge as to playing the game, Dan should win.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree. Dan is the only one that has been playing this game strategically. No, it wouldn't be neat to Michelle back in the house. She is disgusting and has a filthy mouth. I dislike her as much as I dislike April the Ho!

Anonymous said...

i hope memphis and dan dont evict Kiesha like team CHRIST evicted Natalie and choose Shiela (that 2 faced skank)Kiesha has always had memphis back and Dans, I was always mad at Ryan and Adam I know the name of the game is expect the unexpected but i would like to see someone keep thier word til the final three -nothing against Jerry

Anonymous said...

I agree they should give Keesha a chance. I don't think she would make it, but I'd rather she her make it than jerry

Anonymous said...

I agree they should give Keesha a chance. I don't think she would make it, but I'd rather she her make it than jerry

Anonymous said...

I'm glad there haven't been any major twists. I hate when someone comes back in and screws up all the strategizing that had been going on. i think it's a cop out on BB's part when they do that cause they don't like the way the house is going. This season they let it be staight up play and i think that's better.

Anonymous said...

I really am upset with Dan and
Memphis. Keesha has been so honest
with both of them....and they want
to knock her out of a chance to
win any money. Greed knows no
limits ! Then, they tried to get
the old man's 4K....and laughed
about it ! I have been for Dan
& Memphis this whole season....but,
unfortunately I feel like Dan is a
Judas ! In this life, they better
remember, what goes around...comes
around. If they do this to Keesha,
bad things will come with their
money ! Watch and see ! Dan is
the ringleader....Memphis is a
follower....if they can lie to her
face like they are doing....they
are worse than April the Ho, Lazy
Ollie and Crazy Manchelle ! They
better be careful what they wish
for ! ! ! ! !

Samantha said...

I do not for a second think that Dan is deceitful for choosing Michelle to take on the trip. Of course he is trying to sort of "butter her up" but he also said he felt bad because she got a trip taken from her and was backdoored (even though he did the backdooring). He said he didn't want to take someone from the house because it would cause problems between them. I think he's right for what he's doing.