Sunday, April 20, 2008

4/20 Show Recap

Who will Ryan nominate? Let's find out!

Ryan wanted the vote to be split so Sheila could be the one responsible for Natalie's eviction. Adam secretly told Natalie that he voted to keep her much to Ryan's dismay. Adam felt bad for Natalie and will miss her. Ryan also felt bad and feels that this decision was his hardest thus far. According to Ryan, TC has fallen apart since Natalie was their leader. Sheila was thrilled to evict Natalie, but she didn't really want to do it personally. Sharon was also thrilled to have survived eviction for the fifth time. Ryan called Adam out for telling Natalie that he voted to keep her, but Adam denied it. Ryan was happy to be safe for this week by winning HoH. Sharon was also happy since she is secretly aligned with Ryan. The HG were all baffled by the "third pre-existing couple in the house." Ryan and Sheila even thought they could be secretly related since they looked like each other's relatives. Sharon told Sheila that Adam voted for Natalie to stay, which upset both of them since Sharon could have been evicted had Ryan followed suit. Ryan says that he can do anything regarding nominations this week, including nominating Adam.

Ryan really misses Jen and hopes he receives something from her. He joked that he would find out that Sheila is his aunt as well. He received a letter from her in his HoH bedroom. Adam made fun of "She-Bot" (Sheila) by sounding like a robot. It did the trick, as Sheila was instantly annoyed by it. Sheila hopes that Adam is being loyal to her, but he hasn't done anything to prove it yet. Adam doesn't know if he should trust Sheila to take him to the finals or not. Ryan is really starting to get aggravated by Adam denying the fact that he told Natalie that he voted to keep her last week.

Time for a luxury competition! This week's prize is a screening of "What Happens In Vegas." Sharon was excited since she loves both Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Sharon instantly picked Ryan as her partner, which upset Sheila since she had to be with Adam again. Ryan then informed the HG that the winners would also get to see the red-carpet premiere of the move following the show, complete with a Hollywood trip. For the competition, HG had to break bottles containing rings. For every ring they found containing dice, they earned a spot on a board. Then, a wheel would be spun, and if the wheel landed on a spot containing your team's die, you would win! The losers would then be chained together for an entire day following the nominations ceremony. Ryan and Sharon had six spots on the board, while Adam and Sheila had three. The winners were Ryan and Sharon! They were ecstatic, and Sheila was not.

The HG received an even smaller dining table. Sharon can't believe that there's only two more weeks left in the game. Ryan was more aware of how much he needed to pull through for these last weeks. Sheila was jealous that Ryan and Sharon got to see a movie. Sharon loved the movie especially since she likes both of the main actors in it. Ryan can't wait to see it again at the premiere. Ryan told Sheila that he would nominate her, but Adam will vote Sharon out this week. Sheila isn't sure that she is safe even though Ryan told her that she was. Ryan and Sharon agree that Adam cannot be trusted. Sharon wants him to be evicted this week.

Adam hopes that Ryan doesn't nominate him for telling Natalie that he voted to keep her last week. Sharon hopes that she can trust Ryan. Sheila is scared of being nominated again this week. Ryan chose Adam to be safe this week, thus nominating Sharon and Sheila. Ryan encouraged both nominees to win the PoV. Sharon hopes that she can win the PoV to avoid being nominated for a sixth week. Adam doesn't want Sharon to win PoV. Sheila hates that she is nominated and has to be shackled to Adam this week.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Sharon or Sheila from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

I loved when they showed everyone trying to figure out who the other relationship was in the house and BB cut to the guinea pigs on the couch in the Diary Room with the caption ... "Hee hee, it was us. We're sisters."

I laughed and laughed. So far, that has been my favourite moment this season.