Tuesday, April 22, 2008

4/21-22 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-3:00 AM

Sheila was shocked that Adam kept her in the game. Sheila complained about how much the game has stressed her out and claims that she would never do another season of BB. BB gave the HG crafts to make bracelets with. Sheila again apologized to Adam for treating him badly the first week in the house. Apparently, the HoH competition had something to do with boogie boards in water. Sheila also seems to have dropped early because she was afraid of drowning in the water. Ryan told Sheila to stop calling him "Rye Bread" because he has begun to hate the nickname. Sheila felt bad since she has always called him that. Adam was the last one asleep at around 1:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

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