Wednesday, April 23, 2008

4/23 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be evicted? Let's find out!

Sheila complained about how cold the water was. She claims that she has been afraid of water since she almost drowned while on vacation in Hawaii years ago. She was shocked when Adam kept her in the house instead of Sharon. She can't believe how far her and Adam have gone in the game. Ryan liked having Adam evict Sharon instead of himself. Adam kept Sheila in the house to ensure that she would take him to the finals if she won the final HoH competition. Ryan wasn't shocked that Adam evicted Sharon since Adam had told Ryan that he would do so shortly before the eviction. Sheila is amazed that she has made the final three and really wants to make the finals with Adam. Adam wasn't bothered by the cold water in the competition, but Sheila was reminded of her experience in Hawaii. Adam and Ryan taunted Sheila during the competition in an effort to make her drop out, but Sheila kept her focus on the prize and how much her family would benefit from it. After only 36 minutes, Sheila dropped out of the competition because she wanted to save her strength for Part 2. Adam decided to throw the competition to Ryan so he could evict Sheila this week since Adam evicted Sharon last week. Therefore, Ryan won Part 1! He was thrilled to have a head start on winning the final HoH competition.

Adam wants to face Ryan in Part 3, so he really wants to win Part 2. Sheila knows that she needs to win or she will have to let fate decide whether or not she makes the finals. For Part 2, HG had to retrieve balls from a maze while using a hamster wheel to maneuver the balls. The balls had names of all the HoH's of BB9. HG had to place the balls in order of the HoH's. Sheila started to feel dizzy while on the hamster wheel. Once Adam got the hang of it, he really rolled through the competition. As for the results, Sheila's time was 33 minutes and 22 seconds, while Adam's was 14 minutes and 55 seconds. Therefore, Adam won Part 2! Adam feels confident that he can win Part 3 as well. Ryan thought that Adam was too confident, especially when he said that he had already won the prize. Sheila hopes that Adam will take her to the finals, so her fate lies in his hands. Adam doesn't know who he will take to the finals if he wins Part 3.

Time to check in on the jury! Matt and Natalie haven't spending a whole lot of time together since Natalie's arrival. Her feelings for him have pretty much gone away. Joshuah was very sad to see Sharon arrive since she deserved to win the most. Matt was thrilled to see his alliance beat out Joshuah's alliance. Chelsia noticed Adam and Ryan making eye contact with each other after Sharon's eviction, so she knows that they are working together. Sharon thinks that Adam made a big mistake by evicting her.

Time for Part 3! HG were given statements from the jury. They had to correctly finish each statement based on how well they know the jury. Question 1 - Both correct. Question 2 - Both incorrect. Question 3 - Ryan correct. Question 4 - Both correct. Question 5 - Both incorrect. Question 6 - Both incorrect. With 3 points, Ryan is the final HoH!

Ryan cast the sole vote this week, and he chose to evict Sheila from the BB house.

Who will win BB9? Find out Sunday!


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see who wins, but I am dying to see Ryan and Adam give their speeches. It this regard I will have to give it to Adam.
Ryan is horrible. All he does is sweat and say "You Know" like a million times. The funny thing is that he is a college student. Yikes!
Hope he wins the money because his future doesn't look so bright!

The turning point of the game was when Adam won HOH over Chelsia. He took a guess at the answer (even before Julie finished the question) and that started "Team Christ" winning streak.

So my vote goes to Adam.

Anonymous said...

Even tho Sheila is a nutcase I
felt bad for her last night...she
really was counting on winning
some money ! Oh well...welcome to
real life ! I would like to see
Ryan win...but, if Adam wins...he
really did work hard to get it...
with all the trials and tribulations he's been through on
the show ! I laughed because last
night he really cut Sheila down...
and she told Julie Chen that they
would be "friends" forever ! Wait
until she sees the tapes after this
show is over ! I doubt they will
be friends ! Whatever.....hey,
they all got their 15 minutes of
fame !

Anonymous said...

Ryan is a dufus and his pants are always falling down, exposing his fat arse. He has no class (yeah, the sweating, the sex on camera, the "ya know's," etc.) Ever notice he's always grabbing his crotch all the time too? He won't win and he made a $450K mistake not taking Sheila and instead doing the same old "bro's b/4 ho's" crapola. GO ADAM!

Anonymous said...

I am not thrilled with the two boys that are left. They are both so goofy! I don't get why they talk like that. They act like 15 year olds. Its is sorta freaky and stupid. I don't think I care who wins.
You are right Anonymous 8:57..that is exactly the turning point in the game..If Adam wouldn't have won that it would be a completly different game with different people at the end.

Anonymous said...

Neither Ryan nor Adam have the gift of public speaking. Ryan sounds like an 8th grader doing a book report. Adam, I am convinced, is autistic. I'm sure what he's saying makes sense in his mind but when it come out he sounds like a stoner on speed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:48...That is soo funny. Its true! I can't take listening to either of them. Adam is Autistic....thats great!

annynomous said...
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Anonymous said...

Both Adam and Ryan are creepy!

Samantha said...

I want Adam to win and represent South Jersey!

Anonymous said...

BB10 needs to get some intellectual
people for the next show. Have a
mix of 20-30-40 yr. olds. These
goof balls they pick are just
ridiculous !

Anonymous said...

BB9 left a bad taste with me this season..what an unintelligent group of young adults and they are part of our developing society? I doubt I shall waste my T.V. viewing time for a BB10 or any other BB show !The writers and producers need to come up with a totally different show or lose alot of viewership!!!! I know they have lost mine...if anyone cares...***giggle***

Anonymous said...

They've lost my viewership too, I couldn't have said it better! (To 12:45pm post)

Good riddance, BB!!