Tuesday, April 22, 2008

4/22 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Who will be evicted? Let's find out!

Sheila hated Ryan's speech to her during the nominations ceremony. Sharon cannot believe that she has been nominated five weeks in a row. Even though he isn't nominated, Adam is still nervous because anything can happen after the PoV competition. Sharon wants to evict Adam this week because she thinks that Ryan and Sheila will both take her to the finals. Ryan wants to evict Sheila this week because he thinks Adam and Sharon would both take him to the finals. Adam is telling everyone what they want to hear this week because he isn't sure what he wants to do this week regarding the eviction. Adam and Sheila were chained together, and Sheila was not looking forward to it. Ryan loved seeing the most dysfunctional couple in the house shackled together.

Sharon knows that even though Adam and Sheila fight, they will still take each other to the finals. Sheila apologized to Adam for being mean to him while they were chained together. Lucky for them, they were released just before the PoV competition. Time to start the competition! The competition was much similar to last season's, in which the HG had to match two clues to each juror. However, they could only work on one juror at a time, and they had to go in order. They were given more clues than they needed, so some will not be used. Adam was the first to get Matt correct; Sheila was the first to get Chelsia correct; Ryan was the first to get Joshuah correct; Ryan was the first to get James right; and Ryan was the first to get Natalie right. Therefore, Ryan has won the PoV! Sheila doesn't know if Ryan will nominate Adam or not. Sharon doesn't think that she will be safe unless Adam is nominated in place of her. Adam still doesn't know who to vote out this week. Ryan loves being in control this week because he now controls everyone's fate.

Ryan doesn't know if he can trust Adam, so he isn't sure that he can trust him with voting Sheila out this week. Adam tried to make a deal with Sharon that if he voted Sheila out this week, she would take him to the finals if she won HoH next week. Sharon was hesitant, which got Adam to think that she already has a deal with Ryan. Sharon told Ryan about this, which got him thinking that maybe he should save her with the PoV. Sheila continued to plead her case to Adam, begging him to keep her this week so that they can go to the finals together next week. Ryan confronted Adam about his supposed deal with Sharon, but he of course denied saying anything to her. Ryan is still unsure of whether or not he can trust Adam.

At the PoV ceremony, Ryan decided to not use the PoV and keep his nominations the same. Therefore, Adam cast the deciding vote, and he chose to evict Sharon.

Time to begin the final HoH competition! For Part 1, HG had to be strapped onto a boogie board while water splashed at them. Rain also poured on the HG. The HG who could hang on the longest would win Part 1 of the final HoH competition!

Who will win HoH? Who will be evicted? Find out tomorrow!

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